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2024 FINAL FRAME Finalists Announced – Horror Writers Association

[” data-a2a-title=”2024 FINAL FRAME Finalists Announced”>Share×204.png” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”204″”>×204.png 300w,×544.png 800w,×523.png 768w,×1045.png 1536w,×136.png 200w,×68.png 100w, 1555w” />


(in alphabetical order)×442.jpeg” alt=”” width=”162″ height=”239″”>×442.jpeg 300w,×768.jpeg 521w,×286.jpeg 194w,×143.jpeg 97w, 543w” />13th Night
Director: Benjamin Percy
Writer: Benjamin Percy
UNITED STATES / 2024 / 14:32
A father will do anything to save his daughter. Anything.

×424.jpg” alt=”” width=”167″ height=”236″”>×424.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 543w,×283.jpg 200w,×141.jpg 100w, 566w” />Alicia
Director: Tony Morales
Writer: Tony Morales & Fer Zaragoza
SPAIN / 2023 / 6:00
Carolina will have to deal with the childhood fears of her daughter Alicia, who has just gone blind.

×424.jpg” alt=”” width=”171″ height=”242″”>×424.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 543w,×283.jpg 200w,×141.jpg 100w, 566w” />Bookworm
Director: Javier Yañez Sanz
Writer: Elisa Lucía
SPAIN / 2023 / 13:42
Spain, 1979. Irene is an aspiring writer who obsesses with the delicate ghost at the library she works.

×445.jpg” alt=”” width=”167″ height=”248″”>×445.jpg 300w,×286.jpg 193w,×143.jpg 96w, 500w” />Come Home
Director: Mike Pecci
Writer: Mike Pecci & Lance A. Williams
US / 2023 / 11:46
Sometimes, the scariest knock at the door is the one that comes from within.

×420.jpeg” alt=”” width=”174″ height=”243″”>×420.jpeg 300w,×768.jpeg 548w,×280.jpeg 200w,×140.jpeg 100w, 571w” />FREE bench MUST PICK UP TODAY
Director: Gus Reed
Writer: Gus Reed
UNITED STATES / 2023 / 6:10
A young couple pay an unexpected price for bringing home a free piece of furniture.

×375.jpg” alt=”” width=”167″ height=”209″”>×375.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 614w,×250.jpg 200w,×125.jpg 100w, 640w” />Gummy
Director: Sasha Aubort
Writer: Sasha Aubort
AUSTRALIA / 2023 / 13:36
A masochistic dentistry student grapples with unrequited love and her manipulative father.
×344.jpg” alt=”” width=”182″ height=”208″”>×344.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 669w,×230.jpg 200w,×115.jpg 100w, 697w” />Les Bêtes
Director / Animator: Michael Granberry
Writer: Michael Granberry
UNITED STATES / 2024 / 11:38
A mysterious rabbit with a set of magic keys summons a host of strange creatures to entertain a wicked king and his decadent court in this dark stop-motion animated fantasy inspired by the works of Ladislas Starevich.×425.jpg” alt=”” width=”176″ height=”249″”>×425.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 542w,×283.jpg 200w, 565w” />

Director: David Yorke
Writer: Laki Pattapola
UNITED KINGDOM / 2023 / 1:30
A young woman battles for her life against a relentless masked killer.

×455.jpg” alt=”” width=”146″ height=”222″”>×455.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 506w,×286.jpg 188w,×143.jpg 94w, 527w” />SHÉ (Snake)
Director: Renee Zhan
Writer: Renee Zhan
UNITED KINGDOM / 2023 / 15:30
Fei Li is the top violinist in her elite youth orchestra. When another Chinese violinist arrives to challenge her place, Fei’s internalized racism and anxieties grow to take monstrous physical form.
×391.png” alt=”” width=”171″ height=”223″”>×391.png 300w,×1044.png 800w,×1002.png 768w,×768.png 589w,×261.png 200w,×130.png 100w, 1024w” />Some Day All This Will Be Yours
Director: Cricket Arrison
Writer: Cricket Arrison
UNITED STATES / 2023 / 10:40
A queer autofiction comedy/Horror short, Some Day All This Will Be Yours was shot in the filmmaker’s childhood home. The film follows an increasingly strange pregnant woman giving her unborn child a tour of its inheritance. Amidst a riot of crumbling 1970s interior design, Some Day uncannily twists the tropes of motherhood, home, and family legacy.×440.jpg” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”220″”>×440.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 523w,×286.jpg 195w,×143.jpg 97w, 545w” />Ten of Swords
Director: Faye Jackson
Writer: Faye Jackson
UNITED KINGDOM / 2023 / 16:00
Jay wants to forget his former life and get on with his new reality, but he can’t seem to stop his old memories flooding back or his new instincts kicking in.
×400.jpg” alt=”” width=”167″ height=”223″”>×400.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 576w,×267.jpg 200w,×133.jpg 100w, 600w” />We Joined A Cult
Director: Chris McInroy
Writer: Chris McInroy
UNITED STATES / 2023 / 4:10
The story of two friends who just wanted to play kickball.

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