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6 Best World Seeds in Stardew Valley


  • Unique Seed 309181356 triggers rare Meteor Event with valuable Iridium Ore for players willing to invest time and effort.
  • Seed 203853655 allows completion of Community Center in a year, offering rare items in Traveling Cart for Bundles.
  • Seed 270192222 brings Crop Fairy early on, maximizing profits by fully growing crops overnight for a head start.

Stardew Valley is an open-ended farming life simulation where players can bring their vision of a perfect homestead to life. The game begins with the player inheriting a run-down farm from their Grandpa. As they move to the Valley, players can grow and gather crops, raise animals, and mine for resources to be self-sufficient.

When they create a new game, players have the opportunity to configure a Random Seed code in the Advanced Options menu. If they do not set a Random Seed, the game assigns a numerical value randomly. The Random Seed value affects how the game’s random number generation (RNG) rolls out. It determines the outcome of various events, including item drops, crop growth, and artifact spawns. As such, players can use specific Seed codes to influence the RNG and manipulate the outcome of certain events in their gameplay. This list compiles the best world seeds to use in Stardew Valley.

Updated May 14th, 2024 by Russ Boswell: World seeds can be vitally important in Stardew Valley for those looking to get the most out of their farming adventure. Some seeds provide helpful guaranteed events that would otherwise trigger at a very low rate. To better help players with the best seeds in Stardew Valley the following list has been updated to include an additional entry that provides a double-visit from the Crop Fairy.



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6 Seed 309181356

Witness a Rare Meteor Event

seed 309181356 stardew valley

  • Requires a little more effort and patience, but it pays off in the end.

This unique Seed rolls out a random Meteor event at the end of Year One, where a rare Meteorite appears on the player’s farm in a random 3×3 area. The chances of this occurring naturally in the game are only 1%. With this Seed code, players can additionally witness two more Meteor events by the end of Year Two.

If they’re lucky enough, players can get an Iridium Meteorite on their farm that contains valuable Iridium Ore. Iridium Ore can be used to upgrade tools in Stardew Valley to the highest tier.

5 Seed 203853655

Community Center

This World Seed is perfect for players who want to restore the Community Center to its former glory and get the rewards for completing all the Bundles. Players who use this Seed can find many of the Bundle ingredients in the Traveling Cart on certain days.

However, it may be difficult to rely on the Traveling Cart to provide everything, given that it is so expensive. Players who don’t mind spending gold can find the following items in the Traveling Cart on their respective days every year.

Spring 5

Duck Feather

Spring 21

Large Goat Milk

Summer 12

Nautilus Shell, Truffle Oil

Summer 21

Rabbit’s Foot, Tiger Trout, Sturgeon

Fall 12

Red Cabbage

Fall 14

Large Egg, Crab

Winter 14

Rabbit’s Foot, Truffle, Large Mix

Winter 26

Coffee Bean, Cloth, Solar Essence

4 Seed 270192222

Get Visited by The Crop Fairy

seed 270192222 stardew valley

The Crop Fairy Event has a one percent chance of being triggered in a single playthrough. However, this Seed code makes it possible for players to be visited by the Crop Fairy on the very first night ofSpring. She fully grows all the planted crops on the player’s farm, making them ready for harvest overnight.

Players can use this World Seed to maximize their profits on the first day of playthrough by planting as many crops as they can. This way, all crops can be harvested in one day rather than in a whole season, giving players a little head-start on their farming journey.


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3 Seed 269902148

Witness The Crop Fairy Twice

Stardew Valley Crop Fairy Flying On The Farm

The Crop Fairy is one of the most sought-after events in all of Stardew Valley thanks to its very low trigger chance. The seed above makes it possible for players to witness the Crop Fairy twice during their first year, making it an incredibly valuable seed for a fantastic early start. The crop fairy should show up on the third night, but will come back and visit players on the first night of Fall as well. To make this seed even better, players should also gain access to both an owl and a meteor sometime during the first year, making this world generation a cut above the rest when it comes to early-game rewards.

2 Seed 269733094

Experience Multiple Unique Events

Stardew Valley 269733094 seed

  • Provides a great start to the farm life without being too unfair.

This interesting World Seed requires a lot of hard work initially but is well worth the effort in the long run. As soon they run this Seed, players should start clearing out the maximum areas around their farm. This increases the chances for them to experience random events and get the Stone Owl or Meteorite on their farm. The Stone Owl is a very rare event with only a 0.5% chance of it happening normally.

Additionally, this Seed also includes a chance for the player to be visited by the Crop Fairy on the third day of Spring in Year One. To make the most out of this seed, players can plant multiple crops and maximize their earning potential.

1 Seed 281191250

Start With Ancient Seeds

 ancient seeds stardew valley

  • Allows players to grow and sell rare Ancient Fruits to quickly earn money.

Using this seed code provides players with a quick early-game boost. This seed makes it possible for the farmer to get a few Ancient Seed artifacts almost instantly. To find these artifacts, players need to dig around the area near Linus’ Tent in the Mountain. The only productive use of this artifact is to donate it to the Museum.

Gunther at the Museum will reward players with one pack of plantable Ancient Seeds along with the recipe to process Ancient Seed artifacts into more seeds. These Ancient Seeds can be grown into Ancient Fruit. It is an extremely valuable fruit with a base sell price of 1,650 gold. Ancient Seed artifacts are otherwise quite rare in Stardew Valley, with only a 3.7% chance of appearing in an Artifact Trove.

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