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Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Parties For Lore Playthroughs


  • Party members in
    Baldur’s Gate 3
    are crucial for enriching the story and character development throughout Acts 1, 2, and 3.
  • Each character has their own important quests and motivations that can significantly impact the game’s narrative and player choices.
  • Building strong party compositions and understanding the lore playthrough is essential for maximizing the potential of each character and their story arcs.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has seemingly infinite choices throughout the three acts that players can find, thanks to the array of different actions, dialogue options, and of course, the party members that they bring along. The best Baldur’s Gate 3 party members often enrich the story, and without them, things would feel rather lonely, their running commentary and self-imposed thoughts, desires, and quests, really prove why Baldur’s Gate 3 was 2023’s best game of the year at the Video Game Awards.


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So players can get the most out of their party compositions, they might want to ensure that they are creating the best builds per character, but they will also want to bring out the best lore playthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3 to get the most out of games-ranked/”>characters and their quests. To aid in this, each entry below will showcase the important members of Tav’s party, and when is best to use them.

This article contains spoilers for specific character quests in Baldur’s Gate 3

6 Lae’zel

A Githyanki Warrior Who Has More Emotion Than She Cares To Admit

baldurs gate 3 laezel closeup

  • Major Importance in Act 1
  • Minor Importance in Act 2
  • Major Importance in Act 3

Lae’zel will be the first companion that players will meet, and she introduces herself through a blade to the neck of Tav on the nautiloid. This proud Githyanki warrior wants nothing more than to rid herself of the tadpole, and to do that, she will need a Creche. Journeying in Act 1 with Lae’zel is a great idea, as players can further learn about her culture, and the teachings that made her a ruthless warrior void of emotion. Players may soon discover, that this is a front, and her shell can be shattered to show her heart if those help to nurture her. Lae’zel is vitally important for locating the Githyanki Creche in Act 1, and doing so will turn her world upside down as she discovers more about Ascension and her Queen, things that will forever change her place in the universe.

Lae’zel has much to dwell on in Act 1, so she doesn’t have anything really important to do in Act 2. That takes players to Act 3, where they will want her in the party so she can experience Baldur’s Gate for the first time, and see the wonder in the world outside of fighting. Lae’zel also has a quest here, to free Orpheus to begin the steps into liberating the Githyanki. Her motivations are grand, but will Tav deal with the devil for this quest?

5 Shadowheart

A Devoted Follower Of Shar Stripped Of Memories & Truth

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart toasting with wine cup while smiling screenshot

  • Minor Importance in Act 1
  • Major Importance in Act 2
  • Major Importance in Act 3

Players can find Shadowheart after the nautiloid crashes, and with her, a mysterious prism that she seems to cling to, and will die for. Whilst it’s nice to get to know Shadowheart in Act 1, it’s not entirely important, as the prism she holds will find itself in the player’s inventory if she is dismissed to camp. However, players can learn more about her, like her repressed memories, the fact she is afraid of wolves, a follower of Shar, and her ambitions to become a Dark Justiciar. Even so, players definitely should have Shadowheart in their party for Act 2.

In Act 2, Shadowheart is blessed by Shar to avoid the effects of the Shadow Curse that falls onto the lands. Whilst this is useful for gameplay reasons, it goes far deeper than that, and Shadowheart’s commitment grows in dangerous strides, especially when players reach the Temple of Shar and begin the Gauntlet of Shar, where Shadowheart can become Dark Justiciar, but only if she kills the Nightsong. This is a turning part for Shadowheart, as she can have her heart consumed by devotion for Shar, or, she can become her own person, forging her own identity and discovering what memories she had lost.

This will take Shadowheart to Act 3, in which she is on a quest to break free from Shar truly, and save the parents she never knew she had, showcasing a vulnerable side as she tries to find out who she really was before being taken by Shar’s Disciples and manipulated into pure servitude.

4 Gale

A Wizard With An Explosive Incurable Orb, And Mythra As An Ex

Dungeons and Dragons Gale spell

  • Minor Importance in Act 1
  • Major Importance in Act 2
  • Major Importance in Act 3

Gale makes quite a strong impression when players first meet him, as his hand will appear out of a portal, and players are beckoned to pull him out to safety. In doing so, Gale will be most grateful and will join on the merry adventure. Gale speaks like a man who has digested a thesaurus, and his personality makes for a joyful character, albeit, one with a dark side. In Act 1, players will quickly discover that he needs to consume magical artifacts, and if Gale trusts them, he will reveal that the Netherese Orb inside his chest will explode if he does not.

Act 2 will see Gale contacted by Elminster, the Chosen of the Goddess Mystra, who will reveal that he has been given permission to temporarily halt the Netherese Orb from exploding, as Mythra wants him to use it on the heart of the Absolute to stop this new god from destroying the world and the weave. In doing so, Gale will be granted forgiveness from Mystra, but only in death. Act 2 will have Gale contemplate his fate and sacrifice, and it’s rather emotional, but players can guide him down a better path, or encourage his immolation.

Act 3 fills Gale with new ambition, as he sees the magical power within the Absolute’s crown, and seeks to use it to ascend to godhood and challenge Mythra herself. This importance cannot be understated, as Gale will even converse with Mythra herself, and can be set on a quest that will see him cured of the orb, and taken as Mythra’s Chosen once more.

3 Astarion

A Vampire Thrall With Ambitions To Ascend

Astarion in dialogue

  • Minor Importance in Act 1
  • Minor Importance in Act 2
  • Major Importance in Act 3

Astarion is a truly charismatic character, and his charming presence is only heightened by the fact that he is a vampire thrall. Do not be fooled by his red eyes and sharp fangs, as Astarion can be rather sensitive, and when players meet him in Act 1, it won’t take long until he reveals at the camp he is a blood-sucking, but that’s where his importance ends until Act 2, in which he reveals scars carved into his back, and a deal with Raphael shows that his abusive master, Cazador, had this done for selfish ascension.


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In Act 3, Astarion has a cunning plan to take to Baldur’s Gate, find Cazador, and murder him, finally claiming himself as free from his grip. Yet, his ambition goes beyond that, as he wants to take Cazador’s place and become a Vampire Ascendant, growing in power, but further losing his humanity, and it’s up to players to sway his opinion on the matter. Astarion’s story deserves to be followed for its emotional heights that showcase abuse and tragedy.

2 Wyll

A Hero of Baldur’s Gate Trapped In A Pact With A Devil

Wyll in BG3

  • Minor Importance in Act 1
  • Minor Importance in Act 2
  • Major Importance in Act 3

Wyll is the proud Blade of the Frontiers, and despite his heroism, he harbors a dark secret pact that grants him powerful warlock abilities. Wyll has entered into a deal with a devil, and the infernal pact with Mizora sees him manipulated to murder Karlach. Failing to do so, due to the fact that Karlach is no demon, but a friend, Wyll will be cursed by Mizora to have a demon appearance himself, with red eyes and horns. Wyll can also be used in Act 1 to interact with the Flaming Fists and Counsellor Florrick, who will personally tell him that his father, Grand Duke Ravenguard, has been kidnapped.

Wyll doesn’t have much to do in Act 2, but he can be brought along to further his quest when fighting through the Mind Flayer Colony. Wyll can break his pact with Mizora if he joins along and rescues Mizora, as well as receives a nice weapon for his troubles, but this isn’t entirely necessary for his story, as that’s reserved for Act 3.

In Act 3, Wyll plays a major role, as his father is now serving Enver Gortash thanks to the tadpole in his mind. Wyll must save his father and bring security back to Baldur’s Gate, but as always, Mizora has other plans, and will force Wyll to choose between his freedom, and his father’s life.

1 Karlach

An Optimistic Soldier Now Free, But One With A Dying Heart


  • Minor Importance in Act 1
  • Major Importance in Act 2
  • Major Importance in Act 3

Finding Karlach in Act 1, players will discover a rather cheery tiefling, but one they have been told to fear as an agent of Zariel. Karlach quickly reveals that this is a rouse, and she is eager to prove herself to the party as a strong and capable companion with a heart of gold. Karlach’s own quest sees her try and heal the infernal engine that is her heart, which runs far too hot and makes it impossible for her to touch or be touched without engulfing in flames.

Whilst this condition can be mended, it cannot be fixed permanently, and Karlach must accept that she will die if she does not return to Avernus. Karlach, being stubborn and free, would rather live out her remaining days with friends than return to the Hells, and she spends her time in Act 3 trying to get hot-headed revenge on Gortash, the man who was responsible for this misery.


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