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Best Thrones Of Decay DLC Units In Total War: Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3 developers, Creative Assembly, have released a new batch of DLC, featuring three different races, under the banner Thrones Of Decay. With new Legendary Lords, Heroes and mechanics for the Empire of Man, the Dawi, and the demons of Nurgle, it can be difficult for fans to sift through the new stats to discover which units in their normal army compositions can be replaced. Some of the new offerings, particularly the huge additions to the unit roster for each of these factions, are fantastic.


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Here are the new units from Thrones Of Decay, ranked in order of how useful they will be to their armies. This list has excluded Legendary Lords, Heroes, and Regiments Of Reknown, focusing instead on how these units fill out rosters that have been missing certain unit types or are lacking in soldiers with specific abilities. Although a few of these units can form powerful doomstacks, the units here are ranked according to their utility and roster completion, as opposed to simple raw power.

Updated by Connor Hogg on May 14, 2024: This article has been updated to offer a clearer, more defined understanding of the list’s ranking criteria, along with providing greater clarity regarding the effects of poison on enemy units in the Plague Ogres entry.

16 Goblin Hewer – Dwarfs

Low Ammo Artillery

Total War Warhammer 3: Thrones Of Decay Goblin Hewer

A new piece of artillery for the Dawi and their new Slayer Engineer Lord, Malakai Mikaelson is the Goblin Hewer. The unit is a chain mechanism that fires cleaving axes at a target, doing massive damage. It is carried into battle by a smaller unit of slayers — unarmored warriors who are quite vulnerable but hit very hard.

The weakness of the Goblin Hewer stems from its low ammo count: the Hewer can only fire twice before the slayers will run into melee. However, thanks to Mikaelson’s abilities that have been brought to the army, ammunition can be replenished, letting the dwarfs keep cleaving.

15 Slayer Pirates – Dwarfs

High Damage With A Handy Ranged Option

total war warhammer 3 slayer pirates

Another addition to the dwarf roster, the slayers gain a ranged option in the Slayer Pirates. These are just like the high weapon strength Slayers, but these nautical warriors also wield handguns. They keep the unbreakable trait of slayers, meaning they will not flee from combat, and they can fire while they move, so although their ranged attack has little ammo, they can use it as a skirmish tactic to draw smaller enemy units into melee, where they will use their large damage output to wreak havoc. They have zero armor, so they can often drop faster than expected.

14 Bile Trolls – Nurgle

Troll Option For Nurgle

Total War Warhammer 3: Bile Troll New Nurgle Unit

The first Nurgle unit on the list, Bile Trolls provide Nurgle with a troll option that reveals itself as a fairly effective anti-infantry unit. Bile Trolls have the usual regeneration trait and a corrosive aura that decreases the weapon strength of nearby enemies. The unit does a fantastic amount of armor piercing damage and can also reduce enemy melee defense. The unit suffers from a low leadership score, and it can be outclassed by some other anti-infantry options, but the poison attacks of a Bile Troll are nothing to frown at.


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13 Plague Ogres – Nurgle

Anti-Infantry With Big Charge

total war warhammer 3: nurgle plague ogre

Serving as a better, although more expensive, anti-infantry option when compared to the Bile Troll, Nurgle is gifted another monstrous infantry unit — Plague Ogres. An Ogre corrupted by the will of the plague god, plague ogres have a huge mass and act as an excellent counter to elite infantry, with a charge bonus against bracing defenders and poison attacks.

Poison both decreases enemy speed and weapon strength and does slow damage to a unit’s vigor. Plague Ogres are quite slow themselves, but they are capable of tearing through weaker infantry and debuffing whatever gets in their way.

12 Land Ship – Empire

Super Artillery-Chariot Built To Charge

total War warhammer 3: land ship - new empire unit

The Empire’s first new unit to feature on this list, the Land Ship makes its position in an army clear through a combination of its charge bonus and its surprisingly low melee defense. The Ship has to act as a chariot — it has huge armor-piercing ability, fires guns during its whole attack, and causes fear, which lets it do a sizable amount of damage to a unit it plows into.

The low melee defense means that the chariot has to be charged in and pulled out to make the most of its power. It can travel faster, getting to very impressive speeds, as long as it travels in a straight line, and it explodes when it is destroyed to do a last chunk of damage to the enemy.

11 Pestigors – Nurgle

Cheap Tanky Unit For Chasing

Total war warhammer 3 - pestigors new nurgle unit

Corrupted Beastmen join the ranks of Nurgle. Pestigors are a cheap infantry unit with low armor and defense but a decent chunk of health, ensuring that they will not fall in battle too quickly. They have a high leadership score too, and their high speed and poison attacks make them a perfect unit for chasing routed units away; Pestigors can give chase and slow with their poison attacks.

They also have armor-piercing attacks, making them a good early option to add to an army and even capable of being a flanking unit late game with vanguard deployment. Their great axe attacks do a good amount of damage; perfect for taking out meddling units that try to flank.

10 Steam Tank (Volley Gun) – Empire

Massive Damage At Short Range

Total War Warhammer 3 Steam tank volley gun new empire unit

A new variant of the Steam Tank, the Volley Gun Tank has the potential to do a lot more damage than either of the other Tank variants. The damage output from the volley gun means faster firing and a higher missile strength. The armor and charge bonuses mean that the tank can roll over any enemies who get too close, but the short range will mean that this could happen quite often. It will certainly be situational in army composition, but the massive damage and stylish animations may be worth it for some players.


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9 Thunderbarge – Dwarfs

Slow War Machine To Roll Over Foes

total war warhammer 3 thunderbarge, new dwarf unit

games-about-dwarves/”>Another Dwarf unit — and a huge war machine that is sure to impress on the battlefield — the Thunderbarge is an airship covered in guns. The unit flies over, attacking ground units and constantly firing its cannons and guns while it drops bombs below.

The unit is permanently flying, which means it can avoid melee damage from below, but any flying units could pose a threat to its low melee defense. It can speed up, at the cost of some of its health, but otherwise is quite slow. The leadership bonus the awe-inspiring ship gives to nearby units makes it a great centerpiece for an infantry block.

8 Toad Dragon – Nurgle

Anti-Infantry Bullet Sponge

total war warhammer 3 - toad dragon, new nurgle unit

A massive monstrous addition to the cast of Nurgle’s fighters, the Toad Dragon looks incredible on the battlefield. Acting as a massive infantry destroyer, the toad dragon has a breath attack to spread its damage, while its huge weapon strength and poison attacks let it slow and slay any frontline defenders.

It is a great damage soak with a large health bar and a bonus to missile resistance, and its mass makes it a model worth charging into any smaller units.

7 Nuln Ironsides – Empire

Good Ranged Option, Suffers In Melee

total war warhammer 3 nuln ironsides next to new lord option

Nuln Ironsides fill out a gap in the Empire roster that was left by the Empire Handgunners who had a passable ranged attack and could cope in melee combat too. Nuln Ironsides are more specialized. The Ironsides have twice the missile strength to shred through any distant targets.

Their range is the same as Handgunners, but Ironsides get a bonus to their reload times and their accuracy if they remain in place on the battlefield, and their poor melee attack means that they will not hold up in close combat and should be kept as a powerful backline — especially if they can find high ground.

6 Doomseekers – Dwarfs

New Anti-Infantry Slayer Option

Total War Warhammer 3 - Doomseekers new dwarf unit

Doomseekers round out the option for slayer fans in Warhammer 3, giving the standard good melee attack and defense that players might expect from a slayer unit. Doomseekers, though, specialize in cutting into infantry units rather than any bonuses to anti-large like other slayers.

They still have zero armor, meaning they can often be caught up in a losing battle, but they have a 20% ward against physical damage that increases as they make their way through infantry. Perfect for sending into combat against weaker units who will find it hard to get past their melee defense.

5 Plague Ogres (Great Weapons) – Nurgle

A Solid Anti-Large Option

total war warhammer 3 plague ogres with great weapons new nurgle unit

Another much-needed addition, Nurgle gets a reliable destroyer of large units. This can make the already reinforced charge that the Plague Ogres claim into a destructive force as part of a counter charge against armored cavalry.

In addition, Great Weapon Plague Ogres bring all the benefits of the regular Plague Ogres, like their poisoned attacks to cut down enemy cavalry speed and attack potential. All in all, a great tool to add to any Nurgle army.

4 Hochland Long Rifles – Empire

Super Ranged Option For Stealthy Support

total war warhammer 3 hochland long rifles, new empire unit

The Empire is given another ranged option, only one that works at a much longer distance. Hochland Long Rifles can shoot across the whole battlefield, benefitting from any kind of vantage point over the combat. Able to fire without being discovered, the riflemen can hide in a forest to deal absolutely devastating damage with a high amount of armor piercing.

Perhaps best used against heavy infantry or armored cavalry, the Long Rifles suffer from their poor melee ability which will see them run down quickly. Getting them safe and secure before they begin shooting is crucial.


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3 Thunderers (Grudge-Rakers) – Dwarfs

Armored Short -Range Powerhouse

total war warhammer 3 grudge raker thunderers new dwarf unit

Bringing a new weapon option to the Dwarf Thunderers unit, Grudge-rakers are a super effective part of any Dwarf army. Finding them a position can be hard for fans before they are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.

Although they are armored, they perform quite poorly in melee combat, instead doing an immense amount of damage with very powerful short-range missile attacks that act like shotguns at any who get too close. The missiles do armor-piercing damage, meaning the Grudge-rakers can deal with charges of any kind — or can be used offensively only to fall back when attackers close in.

2 Rot Knights – Nurgle

Hardy Anti-Large Cavalry

Total War Warhammer 3 Rot Knights new nurgle unit

As Nurgle was lacking in anti-large options, fans are happy to see a fresh anti-large cavalry option in the Rot Knights. With a heap of features to make them a worthwhile investment, Rot Knights are heavily armored with regeneration to ensure they are hard to put down.

Their speed makes it hard to close in on them, and when the enemy manages to engage them in combat, Rot Knights perform well with armor-piercing damage, a high melee defense to shrug off attacks, and poison attacks to slow any foes and drop their damage output. A well-rounded unit that can do a lot anywhere on the battlefield.

1 Knights Of The Black Rose – Empire

Anti-Infantry Heavy Armor Cavalry For Dealing With A Heavy Frontline

Total war warhammer 3 knights of the black rose new empire unit

The most impressive of the new unit additions belongs to the Empire. The Knights Of The Black Rose finally bring an armored cavalry unit to the Empire of Man. The Knights have less of a charge bonus than other cavalry options, but they pair strong armor and shields with really a good melee defense ability, which means they can be used as an effective frontline unit when needed.

Their speed and high armor mean they can maneuver without too much risk of being flanked, and the Knights are immune to psychology. This lets them retain control even when charged by units that normally cause fear.

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