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In a bold new take on the vampire genre, Sean Cronin’s latest film Bogieville is set to make its market debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, running from May 14-25, 2024. The film’s first look party is scheduled for May 16th at the Fantastic Pavilion, promising an engaging showcase.

Directed and starred in by Cronin, a seasoned actor known for his villainous roles in numerous box office successes, Bogieville is a narrative-rich Horror film that combines the thrill of the chase with the intrigue of vampire lore. The screenplay, penned by Henry P. Gravelle, captures the eerie essence of a deserted American trailer park, Bogieville, where the main characters, Ham and Jody, encounter a nest of vampires under the watchful eye of the sinister caretaker, Crawford.


HorrorBuzz Exclusive image from Bogieville

Featuring a diverse cast including Indonesian film star Arifin Putra and newcomer Eloise Lovell Anderson, alongside Cronin as the lead vampire Madison, the ensemble is supported by Sarina Taylor, Poppie Jae Hughes, Daniel P. Lewis, Andrew Lee Pots, and Katie Sheridan.

Cronin shared his enthusiasm about the film’s completion and market premiere, stating, “It’s a wild, scary ride.” Actress Eloise Lovell Anderson praised the script for its depth and the experience of working with Cronin, highlighting the film’s focus on character development over traditional Horror tropes.

As Bogieville approaches its screening at Cannes, it promises to offer a fresh perspective on vampire movies.

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