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Content Warning: Where Do Video Recordings Save?

Content Warning is a game where you need to record different horror videos, but where do those videos go when they have been saved? Rewatching your best and scariest videos can be a fun experience, and you definitely shouldn’t miss this opportunity if you want to relive some of your favorite moments in the game.

Though Content Warning gives you the option to save and rewatch your recordings, finding them can be a little challenging for those unsure where to look. With this guide, players will learn how this feature works and where their videos have been stored.


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Where Do Video Recordings Save In Content Warning?

Content Warning SpookTube

In Content Warning, you can record various videos using the camera. Once you upload them to SpookTube, you can save them to your desktop. After that, you will have to locate your videos, and this is where you might get confused.

You can access the folder with your recordings by pressing the F3 button. Also, you can try to find your videos by navigating to the C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\rec folder. There, you should be able to see folders with all your recorded videos. Just remember to save them to your desktop after extracting them from your camera.

How To Save Video Recordings In Content Warning

Content Warning flashlight charging station

To save your video recording in Content Warning, you will have to survive in the Old World and bring the camera back to your house. If you have some video material, you’ll need to go to the special device located to the left of the house. After that, follow these steps:

  • Put your camera in the extractor.
  • Wait for the device to complete the extraction process.
  • Get a CD with your video.
  • Go into the house and insert the CD into the TV on the first floor.
  • Wait until your video ends.
  • Click on the Save to Desktop button.


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What Format Does Content Warning Save Recordings In?

Content warning gameplay

Content Warning saves your videos to WebM. This format is quite popular and works with most websites and media players, so you should have no problem rewatching your recordings or sharing them with friends who might want to see what you found in the Old World.

There are many different things you can film with your camera in Content Warning, and you can easily share the footage you catch with your friends. Making cool, scary videos and showing them to other users is the main point of the game, after all.

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Content Warning

April 1, 2024

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