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Diablo Immortal offers a closer look at the Tempest class ahead of its May 23 release

Are you ready to wield the storm? Ride the lighting? Bring the waves? Play the Tempest class of Diablo Immortal? Maybe you’re undecided because you don’t know what this class is all about other than two swords and storminess. Then perhaps this closer look will help you decide. Especially if you love animated gifs of OARPG characters.

As one might expect, the Tempest is all about aggressive attacks and speed, with skills that see it either rush forward with watery waves or dash around to swing their swords at foes. Its passive ability also sees the Tempest temporarily summon up to three zephyrs that mimic attacks or skills, after which it turns into an orb that can be picked up to empower allies or lets more zephyrs arrive sooner.

The preview also provides a deep-dive into the Tempest’s various legendary items, its overall background story, and how players can unlock the class. There’s also a preview of a rework to the paragon system that’s being designed around increasing build versatility while also being streamlined. It’s all headed for the mobile ARPG on Thursday, May 23rd, so interested players should have enough time to read up on all of the meaty details.


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