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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Can You Lock On

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Fights in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can range from fighting a few smaller enemies, large monsters, or even hordes of enemies all at once. Factoring in your party of Pawns and some potential NPCs, battles can get hectic, and landing your attacks may become more difficult.



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While an unlocked camera has the benefit of helping players keep their heads on a swivel and not be sneaked up on, it can make things just as difficult when trying to focus on a single enemy. Locking on the players’ camera and character onto an enemy is a noteworthy mechanic in many third-person games, but is it possible in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Updated On April 4th By Joshua Leeds: This article has been updated to include additional information on various Vocations and how they can slightly lock on. While it’s not a permanent lock on, most Vocations can offer a brief lock on or focus on a nearby enemy.

How To Lock On

Dragon's Dogma 2 Friend Pawn 9

There is no direct way to lock your camera onto enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Players will instead be forced to use the camera freely, moving it to line up with what they want to look at. Despite the lack of a lock on, basic attacks for each vocation will have the character focus their attacks onto an enemy if the character and camera are facing them. While there is no direct lock-on in the game, there are a few vocations that have a form of locking-on for players who prioritize this mechanic in-game.


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What Vocations Can Lock On

A Fighter Guarding & Locking On

The most direct form of locking on comes from the Mage and Sorcerer, whose magical basic attacks will target an enemy in their line of sight to make sure their ranged attacks are hitting. When casting spells, the cursor for the spell will start on one enemy in the player’s line of sight but can be moved if another enemy is trying to be targeted.

The Fighter vocation also has a noticeable lock on when guarding with their shield. While holding up a shield does slow Stamina recovery, the player will lock onto the nearest enemy and make sure the character and their shield are facing the enemy. By moving around, lowering the shield, and raising it again, the target can be changed. While this lock-on doesn’t stay, it can help players line up basic attacks using combat skills.

The Thief’s dodge ability will also have the player dodge based on the nearest enemy’s location, giving a brief lock on during the dodge animation. The Archer is able to aim their bow and line up a shot, while they can also rapid fire shots that will attempt to lock on to the nearest enemy when firing.

While locking on isn’t a direct option, summoning pawns and using them in your party will help make any fight easier. Many skills can be unlocked in each vocation that can further help players always land powerful hits against enemies.


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