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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns will be hired by ‘fake’ players if no one else wants them

Capcom has devised a way for your Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s Pawns to still be hired, even if other players choose not to do so.

Those who have been playing Dragon’s Dogma 2 will know their Pawn pick ups work from others online when the Arisen is resting at an Inn or a player-owned house. However, if a real-life, flesh-and-blood player doesn’t hire your Pawn for whatever reason, the game accommodates this by creating a ‘fake’ player to borrow your Pawn instead.

This means that even if other, real, players don’t actually want to borrow your Pawn, you can still receive things such as Rift Crystals (commonly referred to as RC), which are pretty important in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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While these fake players can still do everything a real player can – such as giving your Pawn a rating – you will not have access to their information, such as their profile. Rather, when you look at your Pawn’s Travelogue, the option will be greyed out. This was initially highlighted on reddit by MrFoxer, but it’s something our Guides editor Lottie has experience for herself as well.

Capcom has never made it secret that it will create the illusion your Pawn has been hired. In its official Dragon’s Dogma 2 FAQ, the developer confirms “your main pawn may return from their travel beyond the rift, even if your pawn is not borrowed by another player”. It stated, “under these circumstances, the borrower’s name will only be displayed, and you will not have access to their information, such as their profile”.

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