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EA responds to Dead Space 2 remake rumour,

EA has issued a statement to IGN refuting a rumour that the Dead Space 2 remake has been cancelled. Don’t get your hopes up, though: it wasn’t even considered a possibility anyway.

This story begins with Jeff Grubb speaking on the Game Mess Mornings podcast. According to Jeff, EA Motive was working on a Dead Space 2 Remake. According to him, the game made it to the concept phase but was cancelled due to the lacklustre sales of the first Remake.

“They were working on Dead Space 2, and they are no longer working on it,”Jeff said on Wednesday. “It is on the shelf because the first game had lacklustre sales, is how it was phrased to me.”

In an unusual move, EA themselves commented on the story. A spokesperson for the company told IGN that: “We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story.”

IGN also stated they understand that “EA Motive never considering a Dead Space 2 remake.”

Jeff Grubb has shot back at EA, writing on X: “I give you my permission to believe EA if you want, but whenever a company says ‘that isn’t true’ but they don’t specify which part of the story they are talking about, well … yeah.

“Dead Space 2 was definitely being planned. It had a code name. And they aren’t making it now.”

Grubb also said on X that he didn’t think his story would cause a stir because EA Motive had already essentially said they weren’t working on Dead Space 2. He points to a Tweet EA Motive sent out on April 9 responding to someone who asked if Dead Space wouldn’t be seen again. In the Tweet, Motive says that “We will continue to operate as a two-project team, and we’re focused on the development of Iron Man and collaborating on the future of Battlefield.”

If we remove the back and forth, the core of this story is bad news for people hoping Dead Space 2 might get the remake treatment. Both EA and Jeff Grubb are saying it isn’t happening.

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