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EA Sports College Football 25 Release Date Announced, Full Reveal Coming Tomorrow

EA has revealed the EA Sports College Football 25 release date, and it won’t be long before you can enjoy the first game in the EA Sports College Football series since 2013.

The official website for the game games/ea-sports-college-football/college-football-25″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>was updated today and now shows the release date, which is July 19th, along with a snippet of the artwork for the game. 

You can also now games/ea-sports-college-football/college-football-25/buy” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>pre-order EA Sports College Football 25 on PlayStation or Xbox (no mention of a PC version, though), and doing so shows a preview of the cover art for both the standard and deluxe editions. Here’s a look at the standard version:

Three athletes posing for cover art for the standard edition of EA Sports College Football 25
EA Sports College Football is finally almost upon us.

And here’s a look at the artwork for the deluxe edition, which packs in a bunch of extras, including 3-day early access to the game:

Artwork for the deluxe edition of EA Sports College Football 25, which shows lots of athletes huddled in the entryway to a stadium
Plenty of athletes will be appearing in EA Sports College Football 25.

It’s been a long, strange road for EA Sports College Football 25. The franchise’s last installment was 2013’s NCAA Football 14, and following that game’s release, EA, the CLC, and the NCAA were hit with lawsuits surrounding player likenesses.

Essentially, players weren’t being paid for their likenesses being in EA’s games due to a rule instated by the NCAA, and a player brought a lawsuit against the companies in 2014, demanding royalties for his appearance in a game.

However, the NCAA ruled in 2019 that players games-once-again”>could profit from their likenesses, thus paving the way for college sports video games to return. EA Sports College Football 25 is one such game, and it’ll feature more than 10,000 athletes, according to EA Sports.

Reports originally suggested that EA Sports College Football 25 was slated for a 2023 release and was delayed to 2024, but EA Sports’ Daryl Holt refuted those claims in an interview in which he confirmed the game would launch this year.

In any case, EA Sports FC 24 is set for a July 19th release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A full reveal is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for more. 

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