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Embers Adrift discusses grouping via Discord, development priorities, and May’s content patch

The latest weekly livestream from Embers Adrift could be classified as a return to basics, as it simply features CM Elloa reading patch notes, playing the game, and taking some questions from the audience about general matters for the MMORPG.

As one might anticipate from the format for this week, there aren’t many major revelations to be gleaned in the topic-free Q&A session: Elloa takes a moment to talk about why certain roadmap items jump ahead in terms of release over others, discusses the impact of Discord when it comes to forming groups, confirms future plans to expand Alchemy, and talks about improvements made to solo XP earnings.

At one point Elloa does bring up the MMORPG’s content patch for the end of May, which will include the Dryfoot Fortress zone, new creatures, new armor, some extra quests, and a full new dungeon within the new zone.

Finally, Elloa answers a question about expanding Embers’ free trial past Newhaven Valley, which is basically answered with a “no”: She argues that Newhaven Valley already has plenty of content for trial players, while the wall that leads to other areas in the zone is a “literal paywall.”


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