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Fallout 76: How to Reach National Isolated Radio Array

The National Isolated Radio Array is an important location to visit in Fallout 76. This spot is not only home to a good number of rare loot, such as a Power Armor chassis, but is also required to complete the Signal Strength quest. This area is not easy to reach, however, and there is a certain spot you’ll need to find to complete the quest.

If you’re wondering how you can find the location, and get what you need from the National Isolated Radio Array, we will go over everything you need to know. We will also provide you with some of the best loot you can get here.


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How to Reach National Isolated Radio Array in Fallout 76

To get to the National Isolated Radio Array, make your way to the eastern section of the map. You’ll find the radio array north of West Tek Research Center, and west of the Moth-Home. You can locate it from the map image above, marked by a large radio dish.

When you arrive here, you’ll spot the giant, white radio array in the middle. To find the required location to complete the Signal Strength quest, however, you’ll want to locate a smaller radio array. From the large radio array, make your way northeast towards the smaller one, shown in the third image. You’ll need to install a repeater on this radio array, which you can do so by placing it on the gray square.

After, you’ll need to divert power to the repeater. To do this, visit the Array Control Terminal, found in the small building between the two radio arrays. There will be a computer inside there. Choose ‘Auxiliary Component Control’, and then ‘Divert Power to Auxiliary Component’. After this, you’ll have found everything you need for the quest in the National Isolated Radio Array area.


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National Isolated Radio Array Loot in Fallout 76

Outside this quest, you can also find some good loot here at the National Isolated Radio Array. Depending on what you are looking for, here are some of the items you can find in the area:

  • Fred’s Uncertain Future Note & NIRA Site Doctor’s Report – a hidden note and holotape
  • Loading Dock Storage Key (Found in the office building)
  • Four Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
  • Three Magazines
  • Power Armor Chassis & Fusion Core

To find the Loading Dock Storage Key specifically, you’ll want to head into the office building, as shown above. Head inside through the main entrance, and then immediately turn left through the first doorway. You’ll find the key on a table here. With the key, make your way to the warehouse building. Head to the right side, and at the back, you’ll find a locked door. Inside here, you’ll find a good number of items you can scrap for some crafting, including a Military-Grade Circuit Board.

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November 14, 2018

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