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FF14’s beloved Fantasia is getting a huge upgrade in Dawntrail

As we prepare for FF14 Dawntrail, game director and producer Naoki Yoshida, best known as ‘Yoshi-P’ by the community, unveils a big upgrade to one of the most popular paid-for items available in the MMORPG. With glamours and fashion being such a key part of the experience for many players, a change to how the Phial of Fantasia works will give you much more freedom in how you update your Final Fantasy 14 character.

Along with the many FF14 Dawntrail job changes detailed in Live Letter 81, Yoshida announces that all players will get access to an additional free Fantasia, which he says will be accessible early in the game’s level progression. This will come from a quest introducing you to the character-changing item in the MMORPG, which enables you to return to the Final Fantasy 14 character creator and rebuild your Warrior of Light from scratch.

Yoshida has even bigger news for all you Fantasia addicts, however. With the FF14 7.0 Dawntrail update, using a Fantasia will now start a 60-minute timer during which you can go back into the character creator as many times as you like to make further changes. This means you can even try out multiple races and, although the cooldown won’t reset after it begins, it runs on in-game time, so if you have to log out it won’t keep counting down.

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That’s a very welcome change. Previously, once you’d locked in your character and left the creator you’d need a second Phial of Fantasia to change back or adjust it further. Given that you only ever got one free Fantasia for completing the A Realm Reborn story (with a second being added in Dawntrail), that should allow you to make temporary changes and make sure you’re completely happy with your new look.

You could even opt for a Cinderella-style change where you adjust your character for an hour to take part in a special event and then switch back to your normal look. In true Animorphs fashion, however, it’ll be important to keep a close eye on the timer, because if it runs out you’ll be stuck in your new form.

As we prepare for the FF14 Dawntrail release date, make sure you’ve got everything in line to go – including a guide to help you ensure your FF14 Island Sanctuary is looking in shape before you sail off to Tural.

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