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Film Review: Carnivora (Short Film, Panic Fest 2024)




When their mother vanishes, two estranged sisters are forced to caretake for their catatonic grandma… only to realize that grandma isn’t grandma at all.

Gigi Zumbado (Bridge and Tunnel, The Price We Pay, Hightown)
Carmela Zumbado (You, Power Book IV: Force, Chicago PD)
and Julia Vera (This Fool, The Old Ways, The Quarry)

Director: Felipe Vargas
Writer: Vee Saieh
Producer: Nicole Crespo
Executive Producer: Jesus Garcia
Director of Photography: Kim Cohen
Editor: Calvin Chin

Film Independent Project Involve (2023)



So, my mom is a nurse, well she is retired now but many years ago she actually worked for a woman who “catatonic” and she didn’t get up. She was also diagnosed with several things, and mental illness. We don’t think of mental illness the same way we did, back in the day. My mom thought this woman could not move or get out bed at all. They even told my mom that. She is bed bound. My mom noticed that things were moved around the house, and missing.


One day my mom showed up for work, and they couldn’t find this woman. She was up and walking around. We meet the grandma in this short Horror film, and the two sisters taking care of her. Being a caretaker is difficult. It’s also sad that people some times try so hard to dismiss the elderly or people with disabilities because THEY don’t want to help.


This is part of Short Film Block #4. One sister is fully immersed in this life, and the other sister is just there for show or because she has to be. The sisters wind up discovering some interesting life events their grandmother has been through. It makes you wonder, that’s for sure.

You should know how this turns out. Didn’t anyone watch EVIL DEAD RISE? You never get in the face of a catatonic demon. The make-up, gore, special effects, the sound, cinematography. Carnivora was definitely one of my favorite short films.



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