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Final Fantasy XI’s May update brings a new battlefield and Vana’bout event for its anniversary celebration

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It’s a month, so that means Final Fantasy XI is due for another update because that’s how the game does things. Yes, really, it has been monthly updates for a while now. But even with the slower pace of updates for the game, this month marks the 22nd anniversary of FFXI, so players are getting something special with the second round of Vana’bout in which players around the world complete Records of Eminence objectives and earn points toward shared rewards.

Players can also access a new battlefield if they’ve cleared the Voracious Resurgence story arc, providing a new Master Trial arena to clear out. There are also the usual new monthly shifts for Ambuscade and assorted minor system updates. So while it might not be quite as huge an event as the game celebrated when it hit its 20-year anniversary, there’s still celebration to be found on the 22nd year of operation.


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