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TERROR FILMS RELEASING has teamed with writer Monica La Vella and director Navin Ramaswaran to release the 105ive Films found footage Horror film, “Invited”.

Starring Martina Schabron and Elena Zavet, the film follows a reluctant mother who attends her daughter’s Zoom elopement, but she and the rest of the family in attendance quickly realize the groom is part of a Russian cult with deadly intentions.

Ramaswaran shared his thoughts about the making of the film:

“The structure of Inviteds screenplay called for shooting in longer takes, as long as 30 scenes sometimes. Watching our actors go through a roller coaster of emotions uninterrupted was fascinating to experience, and that energy comes through in a really fascinating way.”

TFR will premiere the film on their YouTube Terror Channel on May 31st, 2024, including a live chat with the filmmaker. The film will then roll out across multiple platforms on June 21st, 2024, including Amazon, Tubi TV, PlayNow Media, UDU TV, Kings of Horror, and many more.  Check out the official poster and trailer, courtesy of TERROR FILMS RELEASING.

Official Trailer:

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