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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Unused Pet Concept for Tighnari


  • A recently surfaced concept art leak shows that Tighnari was possibly originally intended to have a pet.
  • Tighnari is a five-star Dendro character in Genshin Impact, part of the permanent Standard Banner lineup.
  • He was designed as the Chief Officer of the Forest Rangers in Sumeru’s Avidya Forest and prefers a solitary life, so him having a pet would have been fitting.

A new Genshin Impact leak shows that the popular Dendro user Tighnari could have had a pet as part of his in-game design. Tighnari was the first five-star Dendro character to join the server back in Version 3.0. Since then, he has become part of the permanent Standard Character Banner.

This means that Tighnari won’t make any additional appearances on the limited banner, so the only way to obtain him is by pulling on the Standard Banner or losing a 50/50 on the limited banner. Genshin Impact characters usually go through multiple phases of development before officially becoming part of the playable roster.


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A new Genshin Impact leak shows the original concept art for the popular five-star sword user, Fontaine’s Hydro Archon Lady Furina.

According to the game’s official storyline, Tighnari is the Chief Officer of the Forest Rangers in Sumeru’s large Avidya Forest. He is also the mentor of Collei, another Dendro character who arrived in the same update as Tighnari. Even though Tighnari is known for his high intelligence, he prefers to live a solitary life in the forest, unlike most scholars in the Dendro region who work for Genshin Impact‘s famous Sumeru Akademiya. A new post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit shows an interesting concept for a pet that was apparently part of Tighnari’s original design. The pet is a sleek, dog-like creature with large, pointed ears and a long tail reminiscent of a fox. The creature’s face is narrow with a pointed snout.

Many fans in the comment section claim that they would have preferred if Tighnari had a pet that would follow him around while he’s watching over the forest. Some players have pointed out that having a pet included in Tighnari’s combat animations would probably make him one of the most popular Dendro users in the game. Some fans suggested that HoYoverse could have made Tighnari and his pet interact similarly to Topaz and her loyal friend Numby from Honkai: Star Rail.

How Good Is Tighnari in Genshin Impact?

At the moment, Tighnari is not considered S-tier, especially considering that he’s become part of the Standard Character Banner, which means that it’s much harder for players to build up their constellation levels. Tighnari is a decent Dendro bow DPS character in Genshin Impact whose kit revolves around a unique Charged Attack that has two levels, determined by the charging time.

Tighnari’s go-to weapon is his signature bow, Hunter’s Path, as its stats focus on enhancing Elemental Mastery and Charged Attack damage. When it comes to Tighnari’s best team compositions in Genshin Impact, players should surround him with powerful Dendro and Electro characters to trigger the Aggravate and Spread elemental reactions.

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