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George Miller Still Thinks There Are More Mad Max Stories to Tell

If the early reviews are any indication, George Miller has another classic on his hands with Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and it may not be the last one, as the director says he still has more Mad Max stories to tell.

During the press conference at Cannes (via Deadline), where Furiosa premiered and received an eight-minute standing ovation, Miller was asked about future Mad Max films. “There’s certainly more stories there … Maybe because in order to tell the story of Fury Road, we needed to know about Furiosa and Max in the years before,” he said.

The fact that Miller has more Mad Max or Mad Max-adjacent stories to tell shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The director started his career with the franchise in 1979 and has, in one way or another, been working on it ever since. In fact, he convinced Charlize Theron to star in Fury Road by showing her the screenplay for Furiosa, which he co-wrote in order to build out the world for that film. We also know that the director has what is reportedly another prequel film already written called Mad Max: The Wasteland. That movie, a source hinted to Deadline, is the origin story for Immortan Joe, Fury Road‘s villain who also plays a big role in Furiosa

However, from how he’s speaking here, it sounds like he’s got a plethora of other ideas for the franchise. There is, of course, too much of a good thing, but if Miller is helming and developing the films, it’s hard to imagine when that time would come for Mad Max. Now, whether or not we see any of these movies will depend on how Furiosa does at the box office. The Mad Max films are notoriously difficult and costly to make, meaning they have to crush at the box office to truly succeed. 

We’ll all get to see whether Miller has constructed another masterpiece when Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga releases on May 25.

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