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Hack and slash in this dark fantasy ARPG with a new free Steam demo

Sometimes it’s all too possible to become jaded. Then along comes a game like Voin and suddenly that bitterness fades away. Taking a game like Doom Eternal and turning into a retro-inspired melee slice and dice game is a simple idea and as always it’s the simplest which prove to be the best. Voin blows away the brain cobwebs like a bloody breath of fresh air and is one of those games to keep your eye trained on as it sprints towards release.

Let’s get the cards right on the table; Voin is cool. Everything about this game is cool. I don’t mean cool in an ironic way, I mean cool in a way that makes you sit up and pay attention. Filled with fast-paced movement and weapons that absolutely destroy your foes in sprays of red goop, Voin is a brutal melee FPS game that hits you like a pommel to the gut.

There are two things that really set Voin apart from other first person violence-filled games out there. The first is how fluidly it combines movement with great lashings of violence. Death comes easy, both for your foes and for yourself. Yes, you’ll be slicing up waves of enemies but they’re just as capable of taking you out, with bigger bosses ready to really test your skills against.

You’ll have to use every part of your arsenal to stay alive and the best tool you have is movement. Voin is fast, really fast, and staying moving is how you stay alive. Think of it like the newer Dooms where momentum is the key to success. Those hordes of enemies can’t easily catch up to you, so you’ll have to dart in and out as you separate heads from bodies.

The other aspect that puts the game head and shoulders over the competition is simply its sense of style. From the beautiful soundtrack to the updated-yet-retro feel of the visuals, this is a game world that’s a grim joy to behold.

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If all of this sounds like something you’d like to dip a toe into, Voin has a brand new demo you can try out. You can play the Voin free Steam demo until Monday June 3. Head over to the game’s page to check it out.

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