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Helldivers 2 balances weapons, raises level cap, and quietly unleashes fresh robot terrors in latest patch

Yesterday was another patch day for the still popular co-op shooter Helldivers 2, with Arrowhead Studios making another round of various updates to weapons, characters, and life on the planets that teams are being thrown in to.

One of the primary pieces of the patch is another round of balance adjustments for weapons, with tweaks applied to the Arc Thrower’s shot charge time, range, and stagger; damage increases for the Anti-Material Rifle and Incendiary Breaker shotgun; multiple nerfs for the Slugger shotgun; and a full auto mode for the Liberator Penetrator assault rifle, among several others.

Other points of note in the patch include the addition of blizzard and sandstorm events to planets, a level cap raise from 50 to 150, and a round of targeted damage nerfs that affect Chargers, Bile Spewers, and Shriekers. The terrifying Bile Titans got a small buff that stops them from being staggered, however.

Speaking of terrifying enemies, the update has also once again stealthily added new enemies on the Automaton side of things, with the introduction of flying gunships and AT-AT-like walking tanks that reportedly resist heavy ordinance and spawn Devestator enemies beneath them. Good times.


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