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Hi-Fi Rush bows out with final Steam update, thanks fans for support

It’s one thing to know the end is coming. It’s abstract and you can put it out of your mind. It’s another thing to know it’s here. That’s the case for fans of the truly astounding Hi-Fi Rush, as the last update has just launched.

It’s a sad day as we wave goodbye to updates for Hi-Fi Rush. The action games-pc” rel=”noopener”>rhythm game was always a bit of an underdog, launching with no warning and charming the world with its mix of cel shaded action and pounding beats. Even with the odds stacked against it, Hi-Fi Rush won plenty of awards and reviewed incredibly well, earning plaudits from every quarter.

With the recent closure of its development studio, Tango Gameworks, we always knew the end was approaching for support for the game. That end has arrived, with the final patch for Hi-Fi Rush landing, resolving problems with a few bugs.

“We’ve released a patch today that takes care of some remaining issues,” Tango Gameworks says in the update notes. “Check out the changes, and thank you again for your support of Hi-Fi Rush.” Fixed are some issues related to drink prices in Vandelay vending machines, text bugs, and some problems affecting Tracks 01,02, and 03.

Away from the patch, despite the closure of Tango Gameworks, the physical edition of the game is still in production. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, the developer states that working in tandem with its partner Limited Run games, players can still expect a physical release.

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For fans of Hi-Fi Rush it’s an end of an era with future support wrapping up for the title and another sign of the ever-stormy seas the gaming industry is sailing through right now. If you’d like to check out these final patch notes, you can head over to the games/1817230/announcements/detail/4191240299170075211″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noreferrer”>Steam announcement to get the full lowdown.

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