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Hogwarts Legacy: 15 Ideas For Naming Your Character


  • Choosing the right name for your Hogwarts Legacy character is essential for full immersion in the wizarding world.
  • Consider using Victorian and classical names, as well as alliteration or names related to your character’s interests.
  • Role-playing as a foreign student or using names from the game itself can add depth to the character creation process.

Hogwarts Legacy is the open-world adventure game that Harry Potter fans have been waiting for since the success of the books and movies gripped the minds of want-to-be wizards and witches. Set a century before the events of the main series, players attend Hogwarts as a new 5th-year student of their creation.


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While many players will fulfill a lifelong dream and attend Hogwarts as themselves, those who want to immerse themselves in Hogwarts Legacy fully will want to create a character that fits into the wizarding world as well as the late 19th century. The first step in creating a realistic character is choosing a great name for Hogwarts Legacy.

Updated May 15, 2024, by Joe Grantham: Hogwarts Legacy has proven to be even more successful than anyone could have imagined, and with the game having been released on the Nintendo Switch, many more Harry Potter fans have had the opportunity to attend Hogwarts. Along with the game always welcoming new faces, plenty of Hogwarts Legacy players are always returning for second or third playthroughs, and all will be looking for fitting names for their new characters.

The best names for Hogwarts Legacy are unique, full of character, and fit in perfectly with the Victorian wizarding world. This list has been updated to include even more Hogwarts Legacy character name ideas and tips for finding the right identity for one’s protagonist.

1 Victorian Names

Hogwarts Legacy Is Set In The 1890s, So Victorian Names Make Sense

Hogwarts Legacy Character Creation menu

Hogwarts Legacy is set from 1890 to 1891, and so, as a new 5th-year student, the main character will have been born in either 1874 or 1875. Therefore, players looking to create a fully authentic character can take a look at what late 19th-century parents named their children.

Although records don’t exist for magical names of the time, muggle ones thankfully do, and as plenty of wizards and witches have muggle names, these will do just fine. Sites like Britishbabynames and list names such as John, William, George, Mary, Emma, and Elizabeth as common for this era.

2 Use British Place Names As Inspiration

Odd Yet Charming Village Names Often Sound Perfect For Harry Potter

The protagonist facing a cottage in Hogwarts Legacy

In the past, people often gained last names based on the town or village they were from, so it makes perfect sense to look towards British place names for inspiration. Old and obscure village names in particular can be great to look at, with examples such as Picklescott and Tolpuddle fitting in perfectly with wizarding world names. Players could either look at maps and browse rural villages in the middle of nowhere, or they could find lists of funny place names online.

These place names can then be used as they are, or they can be mixed and matched to create truly unique and magical names. While players will likely use this tip predominantly for last names, some interesting first names could also be created. Beyond town and village names, players can also look at old street names, which are often humorous to modern ears.

3 Choose A Background For Your Character Before Naming Them

Class, Nationality, & Magical Blood Status Would All Affect The Name

Victorian Hair Modpack in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the best tips for coming up with immersive Hogwarts Legacy names is to first decide on a background for the character in question, as in the real world, this would affect their name. For example, a character from a poor background in Victorian times would be more likely to have a common surname usually related to the trade of their ancestors. Certain first names would also have been more regularly found in households of the gentry.

Players will also want to decide if their character is a Muggle-born student, a pure-blood, or even a half-blood, as this would also influence their name. Some players might even choose to roleplay as a foreign student who has recently moved to Britain, and thus, they would choose a name accordingly.

4 Use A Nickname

Like Lord Voldemort, Some May Prefer To Use A Nickname Over Their Birth Name

Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

When players are thinking about naming their character in Hogwarts Legacy, they are likely imagining a first and second name, but this doesn’t have to be the case. For example, by his later years at Hogwarts, Tom Riddle was already going by the name of Voldemort among his followers. Other notable nicknames from the series include that of the Marauders, these being Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail. Nymphadora Tonks also hates her full name and either goes by Dora or Tonks.


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With this in mind, players can create their own nickname in Hogwarts Legacy and go in any direction they like. In some ways, a nickname can potentially tie in with how they want to roleplay. For example, if they are looking to become the next great dark witch or wizard of their time, an intimidating name with gravitas would be best. A nickname could also just be a shortening of the character’s real name, as is the case of Nymphadora preferring Dora.

5 Choose A Non-Native Name

Not Everyone Who Attends Hogwarts Is British

Hogwarts Legacy Gryffindor companion Natsai Onai

Although Hogwarts is predominantly a school for British and Irish witches and wizards, foreign students and professors are not an uncommon sight. For example, Gryffindor companion Natsai Onai originally attended Uagadou in Africa but moved to Hogwarts when her mother accepted a position at the school to teach Divination.

Therefore, players could roleplay as a student who has recently moved to Britain, and the ambiguous nature of the main character’s past makes this perfectly possible. In terms of names for a foreign student, players could go in any direction they wish, although 19th century names will always be more immersive.

6 Use Names From The Game Itself

Hogwarts Legacy Features Many NPCs With Great Names

Hogwarts Legacy students in class

If players are looking for names that fit in perfectly at 19th-century Hogwarts, the best place to look for inspiration is the game itself. Every NPC’s name has been chosen to fit the setting, and it wouldn’t be unrealistic for the main character to share a first name with a fellow student or one of the villagers in Hogsmeade.

Unless players don’t mind spoilers, this option is mainly for those who have already played Hogwarts Legacy and who are returning for a second or third playthrough.

7 A Name That Reflects The Nature Of The Character

Names In Harry Potter Often Hint At Whether A Character Is Good Or Evil

Poppy Sweeting in Hogwarts Legacy

A common trope in the Harry Potter franchise is for characters to have names that somewhat reveal the nature of their character. This likely stems from the fact that the first few books were aimed at children who find it easier to associate characters with good or evil-sounding names. For example, there are certain wholesome characters, such as Luna Lovegood and Hogwarts Legacy companion Poppy Sweeting whose names just exude positivity.


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On the other side of the coin, names such as Gregory Goyle, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Amycus Carrow certainly don’t make their holders sound too welcoming. Players looking to role-play in Hogwarts Legacy with either a hero, a villain, or something in between might want to choose a name that reflects their character.

8 Classical First Names

Many Harry Potter Characters Have Names From Classical Literature And Mythology

Centaur Statue in Hogwarts Legacy

While some of the first names of characters in the wizarding world may sound fancy or even magical, many have been taken from the classical worlds of Rome and Greece. Examples of these include Cornelius Fudge, Theseus Scamander, and Minerva McGonagall.

As some of these names are those of real historical figures and others of mythical heroes, players looking for a classical first name can trawl through a vast array of lists until they find the right fit. Examples of where they could look include lists of Roman Emperors, characters from literature such as the Iliad and Aeneid, as well as the names of classical deities.

9 Arthurian Or Medieval Names

The Main Character Wields Ancient Magic, Which Is Linked To The Medieval Era

Suits of Armor in Hogwarts Legacy

Although there aren’t many names from the Harry Potter series that are inspired by Arthurian myths, Hogwarts Legacy certainly has a few more ties to the magical medieval period. The main character wields unique Ancient Magic, the like of which has not been seen since the end of the Middle Ages.

Merlin also plays a unique role in the game, and he too may once have honed the power of Ancient Magic. With this in mind, it would make perfect sense for the main character to possess a truly Arthurian name, such as Gawain or Iseult. If players aren’t satisfied with those, they can look to the wider medieval world for ideas.

10 First Names From The Harry Potter Series

It’s Realistic For People To Have The Same First Names

The Weasley family and Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Naturally, the Harry Potter books and any other areas of the universe are great places to look for character names. With hundreds of minor characters who have only been mentioned a handful of times in the source material, there is no lack of names, some of which are truly peculiar.

By browsing lists of all the characters ever given a name, even the most dedicated Harry Potter fans will come across names they don’t know. These names can then either be used directly or serve as a springboard for inspiration. Players shouldn’t worry about copying names, as the concept of every individual having their own unique name is only a feature of fiction and does not reflect reality.

11 Play As An Ancestor

Family Names From The Main Series Are Common In Hogwarts Legacy

Nigellus Black in Hogwarts Legacy

Due to the relatively small size of the wizarding population, it is more realistic for familiar family names to pop up in Hogwarts Legacy than not. Early on in the game, players will encounter a Weasley and a Black, both of whom play prominent roles in the school.


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Similarly, players can make their character an ancestor of someone from the books while remaining lore-friendly. While many players taking this route will opt for a famous wizarding family name such as Potter or Malfoy, a great place to look for more niche names is the sorting ceremonies from the books. In these, many Hogwarts students get their first and only mention, and as they are assigned houses, players might like to choose a descendant from the house they wish to play as.

12 A Magical Or Victorian Spin On Your Name

Modern Names Can Be Altered To Fit Into The World

Professor Ronen in Hogwarts Legacy

For players who want to mostly play as themselves but are worried their name doesn’t quite fit into the universe, the option to add a certain flair is always there. Victorian or magical-sounding suffixes can be added to both first and last names, though this won’t work in all cases.

Most names also derive from an older name, having often been shortened over the years. Therefore, players could instead simply opt for a variation of their name that will feel more at home in games-19th-century-setting/”>the late 19th century wizarding world.

13 A Name With Alliteration

Alliteration Is Very Common In Harry Potter, With Severus Snape’s Name Being A Great Example

Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy

There are many examples of characters in both the Harry Potter books and Hogwarts Legacy itself who have names with alliteration. In other words, these characters have a first name with the same first letter as their second name, and this is something players can replicate when naming their own characters.

Examples of characters with alliterative names from the books include Filius Flitwick, Peter Pettigrew, and of course, Severus Snape, who briefly appears in Hogwarts Legacy as an Easter egg. Even all four of the founders of Hogwarts have alliterative names. Alliteration is less common in Hogwarts Legacy, but some great examples of alliterative names can be seen through characters like Sebastian Sallow, his uncle Solomon Sallow, and the potioneer Parry Pippin.

14 A Name About The Character’s Interests

Many Existing Characters Have Names That Hint At Fields Of Interest

Professor Mirabel Garlick in Hogwarts Legacy

For better or worse, there are nonetheless many characters in the wizarding world who have names related to their professions or interests. For example, the celebrated magizoologist Newt Scamander has the name of an animal as his first name, and his second name, Scamander, sounds fairly similar to Salamander.


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The Herbology professors Pomona Sprout and Mirabel Garlick, from Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legacy, respectively, also have names that link well with their love for plants. If players themselves are particularly interested in anything specific or plan on their character having certain interests, then incorporating these into their character’s name can be a great idea.

15 Names From Graveyards

Many Harry Potter Characters Are Inspired By The Names Found In A Particular Graveyard

A Graveyard in Hogwarts Legacy

Hardcore fans will know that J. K. Rowling found inspiration for many of the names in the Harry Potter series on the tombstones of Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh. Characters like Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort) and Professor McGonagall can have their names traced back to this graveyard, which has naturally become a tourist hot spot for fans.

While not everyone can hop over to Scotland to pick out names for their Hogwarts Legacy character, most cemeteries will serve up a wide array of fitting names, especially if they are old and mysterious. Players could either take these names one for one or edit them slightly, as was often done for the books. For example, Thomas Riddell became Tom Riddle.

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