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Honkai: Star Rail – Best Jingliu Team Compositions

Jingliu has already made a name for herself as one of the strongest damage dealers in Honkai: Star Rail. Her ability to melt enemies in both single-target and AOE scenarios is tremendous, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of drawbacks.


Honkai: Star Rail – Should you pull for Jingliu or Topaz?

Both of the newly introduced version 1.4 characters in Honkai Star: Rail characters can be viable to pull if players are looking for new DPS options.

To truly make Jingliu shine, players will need to assemble a team that can cover her weaknesses. This Honkai: Star Rail guide explores the best possible synergies Jingliu has with the roster while giving players insight into what makes each team tick.

Updated May 14, 2024 by Marc Santos: Jingliu remains a very viable DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail in the 2.0 patch versions and beyond. Nothing much has changed when it comes to using her, though the addition of one very important support character means players may get even more value out of Jingliu. As such, this guide has been updated to included a new team that focuses on Break damage.

Best Jingliu Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

As a Destruction character, Jingliu can fit in almost every HSR team. She has good skill point economy during her big damage windows, and she has a naturally large health pool that allows her to tank damage for the team. However, she doesn’t deal much damage at all when her blindfold is on, so players will need to either help her survive those downtimes or maximize the pain she deals when her Talent is active.

Double Destruction Team

Blade during a cutscene in Honkai: Star Rail

This is a high-damage composition that uses Jingliu and Blade for maximum damage and SP efficiency. The full team comp is as follows:

  • DPS 1: Jingliu
  • DPS 2: Blade
  • Healer: Lynx
  • Support: Pela

Whenever Jingliu uses her Empowered Skill, she will drain HP from all allies. This works wonders with Blade, whose Talent gains one stack whenever he takes damage. He also has a high base health pool, which feeds back into Jingliu as bonus damage whenever she drains the team’s HP. This positive feedback loop makes these two very powerful when used together, especially against enemies with Ice and Wind weaknesses.

Lynx is almost mandatory for this team, as it lacks a tank. To make up for that, she can make monsters more likely to hit either Blade or Jingliu, depending on who she uses her Skill on. Meanwhile, Pela is preferred over the likes of Bronya and Tingyun thanks to the DEF shred effect on her Ultimate. Keep in mind that Bronya is still a very strong support for Jingliu because of her CRIT DMG buffs.

Balanced Survivability Team

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan demo

This is a traditional team featuring a tank, healer, and support trio that can blaze through difficult content with little risk of failure. It won’t clear encounters as quickly as the Double Destruction team, but it’s great for drawn-out fights in Star Rail’s Simulated Universe, high-difficulty Calyxes, and weekly boss fights.

  • DPS: Jingliu
  • Tank: Fu Xuan
  • Healer: Any (Bailu preferred)
  • Support: Bronya/Tingyun

Almost all damage dealt by this team will come from Jingliu, which means players will need to find a way to reduce the downtime of her Talent. If possible, equip her with an Energy Recharge rope and try to reach the 134 SPD breakpoint so she can act more often. Bronya can force Jingliu to move up the turn order while Tingyun can give her a burst of Energy so Jingliu can cast her Ultimate more frequently, allowing her to stack her Talent more quickly.

Fu Xuan and Bailu make for a great defensive combo. Taking damage while Bailu’s Invigoration and Fu Xuan’s Matrix of Prescience are active usually results in a net gain in HP (unless Fu Xuan is the one getting directly hit). When the Master Diviner’s HP does get low, she’ll simply heal herself back up. Other healing supports like Gallagher and Lynx are great stand-ins for Bailu, though keep in mind that a double sustain team is usually reserved only for difficult boss fights.

Hyperbreak Team

Imaginary Trailblazer's ultimate in Honkai: Star Rail

The addition of Imaginary Trailblazer in HSR single-handedly enabled a plethora of Break-oriented team comps. They can give teammates the ability to deal Super Break damage, which can result in very high damage numbers when played correctly.

  • DPS: Jingliu
  • Support 1: Imaginary Trailblazer
  • Support 2: Ruan Mei
  • Sustain: Any player-preferred healer

Ruan Mei and Imaginary Trailblazer together form the backbone of Break-focused teams. The former increases Weakness Break Efficiency and All-RES PEN, while the latter enables Super Break damage. For the last slot, pick any healer of choice — healers are preferred here over shielders because of Jingliu’s HP drain effect. Gallagher and Luocha are great options here as they both have an emphasis on dealing damage. However, Lynx isn’t a bad choice either, as she can keep the enemy’s attention away from the supports just by healing Jingliu.

Notable Character Synergies with Jingliu


There are plenty of other characters who work well with Jingliu. Players only need to understand much of her damage is only available while her Talent is active. Here are a few more characters who can help Jingliu take advantage of that limited DPS window more efficiently:


Since Jingliu gains bonus base ATK when she drains the HP of allies, ATK buffs won’t be as effective on her due to diminishing returns. Luka can make Jingliu stronger by making their enemies weaker — his Ultimate has a 100% base chance to increase the damage received by targets, bypassing the diminishing returns limitation on ATK buffs altogether.


Jingliu needs to be able to build stacks of her Talent to reach her damage window, and Welt can help her do so by crippling the enemy’s SPD. Inflict enough Slow on a target, and friendly units will be able to act again before enemies can take their turn. This allows Jingliu to build more stacks and gain more Ultimate Energy, which leads to even more Talent stacks if used properly.


Yukong is a bit hard to recommend to Jingliu, but the benefits she offers deserve to be mentioned. As someone who greatly benefits from high CRIT DMG, Jingliu has a lot to gain from Yukong’s buffs. However, since Jingliu advances her turn when she uses Transcendent Flash (Skill), this might mess up Yukong’s buff rotation, causing players a ton of lost damage.

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