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#HorrorForLibraries Giveaway: Horror Movie by Paul Tremblay x2 Winners


Today I have a giveaway of one of the hottest books of this summer, Horror-movie-by-paul.html” target=”_blank”>a title I gave a STAR to in Booklist. And thanks to the publisher, I have 2 copies to giveaway to 2 winners. More below, first here are the rules for the giveaway:

  1. You need to be affiliated with an American public library. My rationale behind that is that I will be encouraging you to read these books and share them with patrons. While many of them are advanced reader copies that you cannot add to your collections, if you get the chance to read them, my hope is that you will consider ordering a copy for your library and give away the ARC away as a prize or pass it on to a fellow staff member.
  2. If you are interested in being included in any giveaway at any time, you must email me at zombiegrl75 [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “#HorrorForLibraries.” In the body of the email all you have to say is that you want to be entered and the name of your library.
  3. Each entry will be considered for EVERY giveaway. Meaning you enter once, and you are entered until you win. I will randomly draw a winner on Fridays sometime after 5pm central. But only entries received by 5pm each week will be considered for that week. I use and have a member of my family witness the “draw”based off your number in the Google Sheet.
  4. If you win, you are ineligible to win again for 4 weeks; you will have to re-enter after that time to be considered [I have a list of who has won, when, and what title]. However, if you do not win, you carry over into the next week. There is NO NEED to reenter.

Click here to see the previous giveaway. Our three winners were: Lizzy from Staunton [VA] Public Library, Lauren from Northvale [NJ] Public Library, and Taylor from Brooklyn [NY] Public Library. Now on to today’s giveaway.

Paul Tremblay is a NYT bestselling author of Psychological Horror. I love his work, which means when I have to review something new by Tremblay I am extra critical. So, when you see that I gave Horror-movie-by-paul.html” target=”_blank”>Horror Movie a STAR you should know it is up to the excellent standard he has set. It also made the Library Reads June 2024 Hall of Fame list yesterday! Clearly I am not the only one who loves this book.

Horror-movie-by-paul.html” target=”_blank”>Here is my draft review and 3 words for this book.

Horror-movie-by-paul.html” target=”_blank”>Horror Movie
by Paul Tremblay
June 2024. 288p. Morrow, $30 (9780063070011).
First published April 15, 2024 (Booklist).
Tremblay returns with a terrifying novel about the creation of art and its effect on all it touches. Told with a strong Gen X perspective and dark humor, readers are led by, “The Thin Kid,” identified solely by his character’s name in the 1993 cult film Horror Movie, a film marked by tragedy (he is the only surviving team member). Although never released in full, the film has risen to cult status and is being rebooted 30 years later. Moving effortlessly between “Then” and “Now,” “The Thin Kid” speaks directly to readers, placing them under his spell, despite repeated warning signs not to trust him, explaining the details of the original film, its current reboot, and including sections of the original screenplay. The result, a suspenseful story that is indelibly marked by its relentless unease and disturbing revelations, about the characters, yes, but also, the readers themselves. An immersive reading experience that will forever alter the way those who encounter it watch any Horror movie, ever again. For fans of the cursed film trope like in The Remaking by Chapman or How To Make a Horror Movie and Survive by DiLouie, but it pairs even better with the menacing, intricately plotted, and unputdownable storytelling of Catriona Ward.

Three Words That Describe This Book: cursed film, disturbing, immersive

Horror-movie-by-paul.html” target=”_blank”>You can read more of what I have to say about the appeal of this book here. 

William Morrow sent me 2 ARCs so I am passing them on to 2 winners this week. Enter now and you are entered going forward. 

Also, a scheduling note: I will be out of town preparing for my oldest child’s college graduation next week, so there will be no giveaway. But I will be back on May 30th with another book that I gave a STAR to [this one in LJ], a title that also made the PW Summer Reads list.

Good luck!

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