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How To Get Thick Hide In V Rising

Striving to acquire the best gear and build the perfect base, V Rising players have a variety of materials to collect, and Thick Hide is one of the most important. Thick Hide is a valuable resource needed at every stage of the game. By collecting Thick Hide, you can create many sets of equipment, so you want to get as much as possible while journeying through the world.

Since this material is a simple animal resource, you can obtain it by killing many hostile and peaceful creatures, but the variety of fauna in V Rising can make things difficult.


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Where To Find Thick Hide In V Rising

Thick Hide in V Rising

The only way to get Thick Hide in V Rising is to kill animals in the central and eastern parts of the game world. If you’re still in the Farbane Woods area, head north. Once you reach Dunley Farmlands, you should kill Cows, Sheep, and Hounds. If you go northeast and visit the Hallowed Mountains, be prepared for more fierce resistance, since you must kill Moose, Frost Wolves, and Arctic Bears.

All of the above-mentioned animals drop Thick Hide, so you can target both harmless Cows and Sheep and more formidable opponents. In addition, they all give about 20 units of material, so choose based on your preferences. However, note that to obtain Thick Hide, you should only hunt in the Hallowed Mountains or Dunley Farmlands.

Animals and monsters from other regions drop Rugged Hide, Pristine Hide, and Bat Hide.

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How To Use Thick Hide In V Rising

Vampire Horse Saddle in V Rising

Thick Hide is useless on its own in V Rising, but you can convert it into Thick Leather. This process will require some effort, so head to the Hallowed Mountains area and defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror to get started. Defeating this boss will reward you with the Thick Leather recipe. After that, use the Blood Press and place some fish in it to get Oil. Finally, place 1 Oil and 16 Thick Hide on the Tannery, and you will get Thick Leather.

Having acquired high-quality Thick Leather, you will have access to new recipes and can create several good armor sets. You can make armor sets such as Duskwatcher, Crimson Templar, Blood Hunter, and Dark Magus. In addition, you can craft Cloth and Empty Waterskin, which are needed for higher-level recipes, as well as the Vampire Horse Saddlefor your horse.

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May 17, 2022

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