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How to repair tanks and vehicles in Men of War 2

Your military vehicles might take quite the beating, but they will too become useless if left to the mercy of the enemy. Here is how to repair tanks and vehicles in Men of War 2.

How does vehicle damage work in Men of War 2?

While you might feel all-powerful and invincible when you are driving your tank to the enemy lines, the truth is that it can suffer from heavy hits by enemy tanks and even anti-tank weaponry. Contrary to other RTS games, whenever your summoned tank or vehicle is shot at, you will be able to see exactly where the shots were taken and if your vehicle is in critical condition or not.

This can be seen at the bottom left corner of the screen next to the mini-map. Depending on where your tank or vehicle was damaged, you might be prevented from firing or moving. Thankfully, the crew inside your tank can do far more than just pull the trigger of your weapons or fire tank shells at the enemy.

Men Of War 2 Hull Parts
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Men of War 2: How to repair your tank and vehicles

If you find yourself in need of some repairs, a wrench icon will appear. You can either click on it or use the Alt+R shortcut to begin the repairs. As long as you have repair kits in your tank’s inventory, one member of your crew will step outside of the vehicle and begin repairing it. If you have exhausted your repair kits, you can choose to summon Supply Tanks to bring forth more so that you can continue repairing your vehicle.

Men Of War 2 Repair Kit
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Note that while repairing your tank or vehicle is possible, if it lights on fire and explodes, it is pretty much scrap at that moment. Moreover, don’t leave your repairman alone in the open to repair your tank. Repairing will take a while and if enemies are surrounding it, you will probably have to use other military units to protect him from getting injured – or wait for the coast to be clear. To prevent all this hassle, use your vehicles strategically and from a reasonable distance, and don’t go blindly into battle. I learned that the hard way.

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