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Midori: Nintendo game codenamed Banquet in the works, being developed by NDcube & SmileBoom

There is rarely a day that goes by now without some new tidbit of information being shared by the leaker games-like-persona-sonic-annual-franchises-through-remakes-dlc-etc/” data-type=”link” data-id=””>Midori on her Twitter account. When there isn’t information in regards to SEGA and Atlus, she’s talking about something going on at Nintendo. Her track record with the stuff she’s posted has been perfect so far.

Well, she’s got yet more information to share. According to Midori, there is a game in development at Nintendo with the codename Banquet. Little is known about the title, but she says that it “appears to be in development by NDcube and a developer known as SmileBoom”. Her tweets about the matter are down below.

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