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Minecraft is turning 15

Aren’t birthdays just great? I still remember crying hysterically after my cousin blew out all the candles on my cake. Needless to say, my 30th birthday party ended on a somber note. But this isn’t about me, because Minecraft is turning 15! Did you start mining back in the good old days, when there was no crafting and you could flood the entire Overworld with one block of lava? Or have you yet to break your first block? Whether you remember Cave Game or you’re still wrapping your head around Minecraft, you’re invited to the celebration. That’s right, it might be Minecraft’s birthday, but this party is for you! 

Join us for 15 consecutive days of discounts, surprises, and celebrations as we look back on 15 years of Minecraft and get excited about what is to come. There’s something for everyone: experienced builders or seasoned adventurers, solo players or server socialites, content creators or avid watchers. Plus, every day at 10am PST/7am CET we’ll release a new, exclusive Character Creator item that you can claim for free! It’s up to you how you shape your world. So let’s dive into the first day! 

Get up to 50% off Minecraft games

Whether you’re thinking of trying out Minecraft, diving deeper into its universe, or introducing it to a friend, now is the time to do it because every Minecraft game is up to half off*! Get Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, and more (including Deluxe and Ultimate editions!) for up to 50% off on for a limited time. In fact, you can get Minecraft for 70% off on Android and iOS! Survive the night solo or build a work of art with friends, fight through action-packed levels or lead your allies in strategic battles – there’s something in the Minecraft universe for every player. There are also phantoms and wardens, but I’ll let you discover those yourself… 

Engage with Minecraft creators for rewards 

From May 15 to 31, head to and check out daily Minecraft streams right on the home page. Tune in to a stream for at least 15 minutes to earn the Purple Heart cape or donate a sub to a streamer during the celebration and get the Glitch Mask! 

On May 18, we’re also celebrating on TikTok, where you can earn a unique TikTok-themed cape for Bedrock Edition and a custom helmet profile frame for your TikTok profile photo. Keep an eye out for more Minecraft-themed fun on social media, including Instagram chat wallpapers, official sweepstakes, and more.

Both the Twitch and TikTok capes are available for Bedrock Edition now, and will be in Java Edition by July 8. Make sure you redeem your codes by the June 30 expiration date!

Today’s free Character Creator item 

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