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One More Multiverse VTT Platform Announces Closure

Sad news for online tabletop gaming fans. The virtual tabletop platform One More Multiverse has announced that it will be closing the platform. Thankfully, it has provided users a grace period to back up any resources they have on the platform.

The One More Multiverse closure announcement

The closure of One More Multiverse was made public by an official post on their website. According to the post, the developers of the VTT mention how proud they are of their team, citing their ambitions for the digital tabletop platform.

A screenshot from a campaign screen of the VTT One More Multiverse
This page now seems bittersweet.

Unfortunately, ambition can only do so much against the realities of keeping the lights on.

We spent the past year working very hard to develop a new path forward, but after careful consideration, it’s become clear that it’s not enough to support the OMM platform. For that, we are sorry.

For those unaware, One More Multiverse launched in 2020 with a development team of just five people.

It stood out from other VTTs mostly in its aesthetic design and accessibility. It provided players with thousands of art assets made up of retro pixel art. These assets could be used to make different scenes and scenarios, as well as character sheets, maps, notes, and story handouts.

As for supported systems, it was relatively niche. Compared to Roll20’s comprehensive support of tactical maps and the recent Alchemy VTT’s emphasis on motion art and custom soundscapes, One More Multiverse had official support for Humblewood, Blades in the Dark, and Yazebas.

Luckily, there is a grace period for players who share stories on this platform. All assets and verses will be up for 90 days. The developers encourage players to download character cards, take screenshots of their verses, and save any NPCs. In addition, they will answer any other questions in a Q&A on their Discord server.

For those who worked at One More Multiverse, the post mentions that they will not be left to fend for themselves. Employees will be provided severance, healthcare extensions, and dedicated support for job search.

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