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Piero Ferrari praises Fred Vasseur’s work but urges fans to remain ‘realistic’ amid Red Bull battle

Ferrari, hopes for Suzuka
The upcoming Japanese Grand Prix this weekend is undoubtedly eagerly awaited by Ferrari fans, after the one-two finish achieved by the Maranello team on March 24th at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, Australia. Many are wondering if the Scuderia will be able to hold its own against Red Bull or will have to bend to the superiority of Max Verstappen, as has often happened in the recent past.

Piero Ferrari is under no illusions
“We have a duty to be realistic, living the championship one step at a time,” explained the vice president of the Prancing Horse, Piero Ferrari, to Quotidiano Sportivo, adding: “There will be other opportunities to exploit, I hope. If this can happen already in Suzuka? Why not? The one-two in Melbourne was a great emotion. When Red Bull have technical problems, we must be there, ready to seize the opportunity.” – he pointed out.

The son of Enzo Ferrari then added, noting the 21 wins in 22 races achieved by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in 2023: “For those with a minimum of Racing experience, it’s logical to imagine a season’s progress in line with the premises. We are growing.” Piero Ferrari pointed out two factors for improvement: “For years we’ve been faced with a chronic problem, the excessive wear of tires. Now, it’s already twice that Charles has set the fastest lap at the end of the race, a sign that we have learned from our mistakes. Moreover, in Australia and even before, the management of pit stops has been perfect.” – he pointed out.

Finally, compliments for team principal Frederic Vasseur and his patient work at the helm of the team: “Fred is a competitive animal! He has always breathed the atmosphere of the paddock, he is not one to be influenced by emotionality.”

Ferrari has not won two consecutive Formula 1 races since July 2022, when it conquered Silverstone and the Red Bull Ring, respectively with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

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Piero Ferrari, Fred Vasseur

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