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Pokemon Fan Creates Mega Evolution for Goodra


  • Pokemon fans enjoy creating new Mega Evolutions, like the impressive design of Mega Goodra.
  • Mega Goodra keeps its base colors in the fan art, with blue spheres resembling water drops.
  • Mega Goodra’s ability Swift Swim increases its Speed during rain, showing unique fan creativity.

A Pokemon fan has created a Mega Evolution for Goodra, offering a new take on the critter. Pokemon has introduced multiple gimmicks in its nine generations, from Z-Moves to Mega Evolutions. These alternative forms not only changed the Pokemon designs but gave them new abilities to use in battle.

One of these Pokemon is Goodra, the evolution of Sligoo and the final form of Goomy, whose variant is Hisuian Goodra, the final form of Hisui’s Goomy. Goodra is a Pokemon with draconic features and a body covered in slime, known for its friendly and gentle nature, something that fans saw with the Goodra caught by Ash in the Pokemon anime. But despite being an adorable Pokemon, Goodra can become uncontrollable once someone enrages it. Goodra is a Pokemon beloved by fans of the franchise, which also has an important status as one of the pseudo-legendary Pokemon. To pique Pokemon fans’ curiosity, one artist showed what it would be like if Goodra gained one more variant.


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Reddit user EliteRobo04 created a Mega Evolution for Goodra, giving the Pokemon an impressive design. Mega Goodra has a different posture from the original, and instead of walking on two legs, it appears on four legs. Unlike other alternative forms given to Goodra by Pokemon fans, Mega Goodra’s fan art keeps the Pokemon’s base colors. Being a Dragon/Water-type, the Pokemon has blue spheres on the side of its body, sort of resembling water drops. Its front paws, back, part of its mouth, and the tips of its front and back horns are also blue, as if made of water.

Pokemon Fan Gives Goodra an Impressive Mega Evolution

The Mega Goodra created by the OP also received additional information to put its design into context. The artist gave the Pokemon the ability Swift Sim, which increases the Pokemon’s Speed stat during rain. The Pokedex entry reveals that when Goodra mega-evolves, it can temporarily melt its body into a liquid to increase its mobility. The text also reveals that this process is painful for Goodra, which isn’t surprising, since Pokemon like Lucario, Pinsir, and Salamence have very weird Pokedex entries to describe their Mega forms.

Mega Evolution is one of Pokemon‘s most beloved mechanics, and after years of speculation about its return, it’s finally back. With the announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A, players will see Mega Evolutions in a Pokemon game one more time. With the return of this popular gimmick, trainers now wait to find out if new Pokemon will get a Mega Evolution.



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