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Rockstar Co-Founder Developing AAA Open World Game


  • Absurd Ventures, Dan Houser’s new studio, is developing a AAA open-world game with familiar gameplay mechanics like shooting and driving.
  • The job listing hints at multiplayer features in its debut game and a modern setting.
  • Despite similarities to past titles, Houser and his team are leveraging their expertise to create a promising new venture.

A recent job listing from Rockstar games co-founder Dan Houser’s new studio, Absurd Ventures, seemingly confirms development is underway on a AAA open-world game. Houser began Absurd Ventures back in 2023, with many speculating over what his first independent game would look like after leaving games/”>Rockstar games. As it turns out, it may not be very different compared to his past work.

In 2020, Dan Houser parted ways with Rockstar games, the studio he co-founded and where he played a pivotal role in creating iconic open-world titles like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. While many worried about games/”>how Houser’s departure could impact GTA 6 and future Rockstar titles, it marked the beginning of a new chapter for the renowned creator. He established Absurd Ventures alongside several other former Rockstar veterans, including popular figures like Lazlow Jones, Michael Unsworth, and Adam Tedman, bringing with them a wealth of experience in open-world game design.



games-forgotten-villains/” title=”Rockstar games: 8 Forgotten Villains”> Rockstar games: 8 Forgotten Villains

These villains from Rockstar games‘ entries haven’t exactly been in the limelight, but that makes them no less daunting.

It appears those talents will come in handy, as a Lead Gameplay Designer job listing on Absurd Ventures’ website reveals that the studio is developing an open-world Action-adventure title. It’s also understood that this will be a AAA project, as per an older LinkedIn post from Michael Unsworth, Absurd Ventures’ Head of Story and Creative Management. The qualifications for the role hint at melee and shooting mechanics being a part of the game, as well as “non-combat forms of Action gameplay,” which are specified as driving, climbing, mounts, platforming, etc. These requirements could allude to a modern setting for games-grand-theft-auto/”>Absurd Ventures’ game.

Absurd Ventures’ AAA Game Could Feature Multiplayer

Mentions of multiplayer combat design and “multiple game modes” can also be found in the listing, seemingly implying that the studio may be considering an online component for its debut game. Interestingly, Absurd Ventures released its first two projects, a graphic novel titled American Caper and a 12-part audio drama series called A Better Paradise, as part of a crossmedia storytelling approach. However, the job listing makes no mention of any connection to those projects, which is odd considering they were meant to introduce two separate universes which the studio’s future projects would explore.

games-rockstar-gta-red-dead-redemption/”>Houser has worked on some of the best games in the industry, and while his latest venture may not be a complete breakaway from the types of games he’s known for, it shows that he and the team are sticking to their strengths. It’s currently unknown whether the project is being funded by a publisher, but with the talent and experience on offer, Absurd Ventures would most likely not have any issues procuring funding, if required. As unbelievable as it may sound, GTA 6 could have some stiff competition in the future.

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