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Rumor: AMD RDNA5 Details Leaked


  • RDNA5 rumored to be a complete redesign, may not follow same naming convention as previous versions.
  • RDNA4 expected to act as a “bug fix” for RDNA3, with focus on efficiency improvements.
  • Despite exciting leaks, remember to approach AMD rumors with caution and be prepared for changes.

A notable leaker has shared predictions regarding AMD‘s upcoming Radeon RDNA5 GPU. The rumors promise a radical new redesign for RDNA5, as well as tempered expectations for AMD‘s RDNA4.

The rumors come from wjm47196, a user on the Chinese-language Chiphell forums. Wjm47196, or simply “wjm,” is known for rare, somewhat cryptic posts that turn out to be reliable. Sources credit wjm for reliable leaks regarding the NVIDIA RTX Series 30 graphics cards, but seeing as RDNA5 isn’t due out until late 2025 or even 2026, there’s still plenty of room for things to change.


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In a post about RDNA 4 and RDNA5, wjm claims that RDNA5 is going to be built with completely new architecture, a “clean sheet” redesign from previous iterations. So clean, in fact, that it’s unclear whether AMD will continue with the same naming convention and the RDNA5 will be released as something else entirely. As far as RDNA4 is concerned, wjm reports that it’ll function more as a “bug fix” for RDNA3, or rather a change to its architecture, which supports other insider leaks regarding RDNA4. From what this leak reports, RDNA3 didn’t meet AMD’s efficiency projections in several areas, and other sources reported that it was downgraded during development.

The existence of RDNA5 was confirmed by documents presented by Xbox during the court battle between the company and the Federal Trade Commission as Microsoft sought to acquire Activision-Blizzard-King. The documents discuss next-gen Xbox consoles due to come out within the next few years that will come equipped with GPUs similar to Navi 5, aka RDNA5.

Examine AMD Rumors with Caution

While the news of RDNA4’s capabilities may seem considerably less splashy in light of the leaks, it’s worth mentioning that according to Insider Gaming, the architecture of RDNA4 along with RDNA3 is what’s going to help the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro deliver 45% faster rendering and 2-3x faster ray tracing. So while it may not be as top-of-the-line as one would hope or expect, reports also say that the RDNA4 architecture redefines ray tracing.

It’s also important to repeat that these predictions are for two to four years in the future and that things are open to shifting and changing priorities at AMD, or even more supply-chain issues. While it may not be wise to put stock in rumors, it’s some of the best tech info to go on thus far.

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