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Rusty’s Retirement: What Does Upgrading Bot Capacity & Speed Do?

Even though Rusty’s Retirement is considered an idle-games/”>farming simulator, the first few hours are spent manually sowing crops and converting them into spare parts. These spare parts function as currency, enabling players to purchase a variety of items for their farms, including new houses, additional crop patches, and automation bots.

As the game progresses and players unlock Echo’s workshop, it enables them to upgrade bots and improve their automation effectiveness. However, since the game doesn’t provide much context on what these upgrades do to the bots, it could potentially leave players confused and prevent them from making an informed choice. The following guide aims to clear up any confusion with regard to unlocking bots, upgrading them, and what these upgrades do to them.


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What Are Bots?

Showcasing bots in Rusty's Retirement

Bots are small robots in Rusty’s Retirement that help the player in various farming activities. There are seven major types of bots in the game, including:

  • Water Bot: This bot fills up water from the well and water crops after they are planted.
  • Harvest Bot: This bot harvests completely grown crops and transports them to either Rusty’s house or the Storage Unit.
  • Berry Bot: This bot harvests berries and transports them to their Rusty’s house or the Storage Unit.
  • Biofuel Bot: The Biofuel Bot collects crops and berries stored in Rusty’s house or the Storage Unit, and transports them to the Biofuel Converter.
  • Feeder Bot: This bot collects crops from Rusty’s House or Storage Unit and transports them to the Animal Feeder.
  • Waste Bot: This bot collects animal waste from the Animal Feeder and transports it to the nearest Fertilizer Facility.
  • Fertilizer Bot: This bot collects fertilizer from the Fertilizer Facility and fertilizes crop patches.

How To Unlock Bots?

Showcasing cost to purchase a bot in Rusty's Retirement

Once players have earned spare parts, they can proceed to purchase any of the three out of seven available bots from the “Buildings” menu. These bots include Water, Harvest, and Biofuel bots.

Players can purchase three other bots after building Slate’s house, which unlocks a new “Animals” menu. Within the Animals menu, players can buy a variety of animals and three new bots, including Feeder, Waste, and Fertilizer bots.

The last remaining bot becomes available for purchase after players build Forbic’s house, which unlocks the “Bee Keeping” menu. Players can purchase the Berry bot from this menu.

Purchasing the same bot repeatedly comes with increasing costs each time.


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How To Upgrade Bots

Showcasing Echo's Workshop in unlock panel in Rusty's Retirement

Bot upgrades are available after players build Echo’s workshop. Building Echo’s workshop costs 300 biofuel and 5,000 spare parts. With Echo’s workshop built, the game introduces a new “Upgrade” tab where players can choose upgrades for the desired bot. Echo can upgrade bots for two stats: capacity and speed.

Only bots that have been purchased and operational on the field are eligible for upgrade. Each bot upgrade costs some biofuel and spare parts, and each subsequent upgrade is more expensive than the previous one. Upgrading the bots takes approximately two minutes.

What Does Upgrading Bot Capacity & Speed Do?

Showcasing bot upgrade process in Rusty's Retirement

Upgrading a bot’s capacity allows the bot to carry more crops in a single trip. Whereas, upgrading the speed reduces the bot’s trip time between its predefined destination. For instance, upgrading a Biofuel bot capacity enables the bot to carry stacks of multiple crops to the Biofuel Converter. Similarly, upgrading the bot’s speed causes it to travel faster from Rusty’s house or Storage Unit to the Biofuel Converter.

The increase in capacity and speed results in faster biofuel conversion, and ultimately, an increase in spare parts. It’s always a good idea to upgrade bots as early as possible to eliminate the waiting period spent on spare parts generation.

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April 26, 2024

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