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Solo Leveling: Arise – How To Find & Use Abyssal Fragments

Solo Leveling: Arise lets players summon and use their own Army of Shadows both as Sung Jinwoo and their other Hunters. Summoning Shadows will have the larger named Shadows appear while also summoning a few smaller soldiers to further damage your enemies and even the odds for a short time before they disappear.

Each of the named Shadows can be further upgraded to make them and their unique skill and ability stronger. Upgrading Shadows increases the Army Total Power which in turn increases the player’s total power when using their Army Of Shadows. Upgrading your Shadows will require a lot of Abyssal Fragments; here’s where to get them.


Solo Leveling: Arise – What Time Is The Daily Reset (& What Gets Reset)

Solo Leveling: Arise has a daily reset that gives players more to do without having to pay for refreshes. Here’s what time the daily reset happens.

Where To Get Abyssal Fragments In Solo Leveling: Arise

Be Sure To Log In Daily To Get More Gate Keys

Players are only able to obtain Abyssal Fragments by completing gates in Solo Leveling: Arise and by trading for them in the Battlefield of Time exchange store. As players get higher in level they will unlock higher difficulty gates that will offer better chances at getting more Abyssal Fragments than some of the lower tier gates. Red Gates also tends to offer more Abyssal Fragments than usual.

The Battlefield of Time will be unlocked shortly after the Army of Shadow and will be a useful way of strengthening it. While the initial battles will take a few more levels before players can jump in, the rewards from Abyssal Fragments will be more than worthwhile. Despite Gates not offering as high of a return right away, they will eventually surpass the Battlefield of Time and be every player’s main way of farming Abyssal Fragments.


Solo Leveling: Arise – Weapon Tier List

Out of all 45 weapons in Solo Leveling: Arise, these SSR and SR options are truly worth the player’s time, effort, and resources.

What To Use Abyssal Fragments For In Solo Leveling: Arise

Increase Your Shadow’s Power

The Player Attempting To Upgrade Their Shadow

The overall strength of the Army of Shadows is determined by the individual power of each of the named Shadows. While players can promote these Shadows with Traces Of Shadow, Abyssal Fragments are used to upgrade their Growth. Unlike promotions, upgrades in Growth offer a straightforward boost in that shadow’s power. This will also increase the amount of damage that Shadow does when summoned.

The first three tiers of Growth will only require Abyssal Fragments, but they will still be needed in much higher quantities as they become the base resource of later upgrades. Growth upgrades may not offer as flashy of an upgrade as Promotions but are just as important to stay on top of to maximize the overall power of your team when trying to take on harder missions.

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Solo Leveling:ARISE

May 8, 2024



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