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Solo Leveling Arise Skill Tier List

Wondering what skills are best? Our Solo Leveling Arise Skill Tier List has ranked the skills in Solo Leveling Arise from best to worst, so you know which skills to go for in the game.

You can play the game for yourself by visiting the official Solo Leveling:ARISE website. We also have some other Solo Leveling: ARISE posts you can check out. Such as our Solo Leveling ARISE Stats Guide and our Solo Leveling Arise Tier List.

Solo Leveling Arise Skill Tier List

Skills are one of the most important aspects in games, as they can give you unique powers to help you strengthen up and progress in the game. Below are all the skills that are available.


These skills are the best in the game, so make sure you try and get your hands on them!

  • Crushing Blow 
    • Dark Elemental damage
    • Weak Break damage
    • Inflicts Airborne effect
    • Applies a protective shield
    • Heavy Break damage
    • Stuns opponent during a successful counterattack
  • Multistrike 
    • Water elemental damage
    • Medium Break damage
    • Inflicts Airborne effect
    • Increases damage of Crushing Blow by 20% for 10 seconds
    • Deals Weak Break every 3 seconds for 9 seconds


These skills are still great to have! If you can’t obtain a skill that is in S-Tier, these are still great to have.

  • Armor Break 
    • Fire elemental damage
    • Almighty break damage
    • 20 second cooldown
    • Increases critical hit by 30% for 5 seconds
    • Inflicts Airborne effect


If you’re a beginner, B-Tier skills are good. But try and move up to skills in a higher tier asap!

  • Death’s Dance
    • Fire elemental damage
    • Deals Heavy Break damage
    • Knocks down opponents
    • If attacking enemies with elemental damage, Death’s Dance will do an extra 20% damage
  • Double Slash 
    • Wind elemental damage
    • Inflicts Airborne effect
    • Stuns enemies
    • Charges 1 dash time
  • Vertical Arts 
    • Water elemental damage
    • Inflicts Airborne effect
    • Deals 70% extra damage to enemies in a Break state
    • Stuns enemies


This is where the skills start to go down hill. They still offer some positives, but it’s still best to stay away. Use these only if you have no other options.

  • The Commander’s Touch 
    • Inflicts Airborne effect
    • Knocks down the opponent
  • Dagger Toss
    • Fire elemental damage
    • Burns the target


Avoid these if possible! They don’t do much.

  • Mutilate
    • Inflicts Airborne effect
    • 15 second cooldown

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