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SUPER7 Introduces The Weirdest ReAction Figures Wave 4 – Zombeef, Mummy’s Hand & Trauma Bomb. –


The Weirdest are campy creatures from the creepy corners of the world, too freaky to fit in and too evil to die. SUPER7 took what was already weird and made it even weirder with the Putrid Pal variants.

The 3.75-inch Weirdest’s Trauma Bomb, Zombeef, and The Mummy’s Hand ReAction Figures! These new colorways of these wonderfully wicked wretches are bound to pique the interest of those who crave creatures of arbitrary oddity.

So don’t miss the chance to add this delightfully dreadful band of misfits to your collection, buy all three together for $60/shipping, this gang of misfits is available now!


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