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The 20 Best Characters In Cyberpunk 2077, Ranked

One thing Cyberpunk 2077 does rather well is its writing. It won’t hit for everyone and not many people got to experience it due to the last-gen console versions performing poorly. That said, after all these bugs and glitches were done away with, what awaited players was a great story just waiting to be told without any hitches.


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Part of the reason why it works so well is its cast of characters, a must for a giant RPG like this. In Night City, V is bound to meet a large cast of memorable enemies and allies—and everything in between. So, who are the best Cyberpunk 2077 characters?

Updated on April 4, 2024, by Ritwik Mitra: The redemption arc of Cyberpunk 2077 has been a treat to witness. Fans were glad to see CD Projekt Red work tirelessly on this game, adding features to improve the gameplay and ensure that the legacy of this title wouldn’t be tarnished for good. The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 is still a sore reminder of how badly the hype of a game can be fumbled, but the amazing characters and story of this title finally shined once everything was polished.

WARNING! Spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 main quest line, as well as Phantom Liberty quest line ahead.

20 Dum Dum

An Entertaining Member Of The Maelstrom

cyberpunk 2077 dum dum glitch

  • Notable Quest(s): The Pickup, Second Conflict

Dum Dum is a minor character in Cyberpunk 2077 in the grand scheme of things, but in Act 1 where V is preparing for the Arasaka heist, Dum Dum plays a crucial role. Impressing him and even siding and befriending him can be highly beneficial.

Dum Dum returns later on in a side quest, along with his leader Royce. He can be killed here if he wasn’t killed the first time around, or players can still choose to keep the peace with the Maelstrom out of respect for a fellow Night City hustler.

19 Ozob Bozo

A Ridiculous Clown With A Grenade For A Nose


  • Notable Quest(s): Send in the Clowns, Beat on the Brat: Pacifica

This character is actually based on someone’s campaign from the tabletop version of Cyberpunk. As the name might suggest, this is an homage to Bozo the Clown who was a popular children’s TV host starting in the 50s.

Anyway, there are only two missions with him and both are gold. What sticks out most is very obvious: his nose which is a literal grenade. His unique look is what makes him easily one of the most memorable figures in all of Night City.

18 Kerry Eurodyne

A Member Of Samurai Along With Johnny Silverhand

Kerry Eurodyne Romance

  • Notable Quest(s): Rebel! Rebel!, I Don’t Wanna Hear It, Off the Leash, Boat Drinks

Kerry is a character that deserves more love than he typically gets. Most players might not even encounter him since he’s more of an endgame character, with very much endgame-themed quests. Kerry starts off as a bitter, jealous old-school musician, but grows to like his competition.

Kerry’s also a solid romance option if players can accept the weirdness of romancing him with his friend Johnny Silverhand inside their heads. While Kerry has no major role in the ending of the game, his questline is a nice throwback to the good days of the Samurai group and has V take up the stage for Johnny’s sake.

17 Evelyn Parker

A Tragic Fate Awaits This Doll

Cyberpunk 2077 Meeting Evelyn Parker At Lizzies Bar

  • Notable Quest(s): The Information, The Heist, Automatic Love, Disasterpiece, Double Life, Both Sides, Now

The woman who hooks V up for their major Arasaka heist is mysterious and a bit suspicious at first when V meets her. However, as the story unfolds, it soon becomes obvious that Evelyn is as much of a pawn and victim as V is.


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Evelyn’s story in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the saddest ones, with a horrible ending discovered during Judy’s questline, which has Judy planning revenge against the doll club Evelyn initially worked at. And yet, even after the revenge is done, it feels like Evelyn never truly gets the justice she would have deserved.

16 Wakako Okada

A Legendary Fixer With A Calm, Composed Demeanor

cyberpunk 2077 the gig free reward

  • Notable Quest(s): The Rescue, Down on the Street

Among all the minor fixers in the game, Wakako shows up a lot. She appears both wise and sweet, taking a shine to V all while wearing the pants in her organization.

That is to say, she is not to be messed with. Best of all she runs things behind a Pachinko parlor which is a perfect ruse for her real work. Wakako is a key character during the various stages of the main quest and is the first to be introduced as early as Act 1 of the game.

15 Delamain

An AI That Branches Off With Each Sub-Personality Being Intriguing In Its Own Right

cyberpunk 2077 delamain

  • Notable Quest(s): Human Nature, Tune Up, Epistrophy, Don’t Lose Your Mind

What would a cyberpunk game be without a sassy robot? Delamain is actually an AI but the result is the same. As could be predicted, when he first shows up he acts like a robot without any sense of awareness of human feelings.

That is mostly true throughout the rest of the game but his side missions on recovering wonky cabs gone crazy have some hilarious moments that brighten the character.

14 Wade Bleecker AKA Mr. Hands

A Unique Fixer Added In The Phantom Liberty DLC

meeting mr. hands

  • Notable Quest(s): M’ap Tann Pèlen, Get It Together, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

Mr. Hands makes his first full appearance in Phantom Liberty and positively surprises fans who had been hoping to discover the identity of the mysterious, faceless fixer for some time now. With a new voice actor, Mr. Hands takes on a key side character role in Dogtown, where he employs V for various gigs in order to wrest control for his own gain.

The performance of Mr. Hands is absolutely incredible, and his far more subtle and somewhat devious personality post-Phantom Liberty makes him exactly the type of fixer the game was missing. He’s intimidating, cunning, and highly intelligent.

13 Alt Cunningham

A Netrunner Who Gets Roped Into The Soulkiller Program Against Her Will

alt cunningham in cyberpunk 2077

  • Notable Quest(s): Transmission, Never Fade Away, Where Is My Mind

The real Alt is a character that players don’t interact with for too long. Barring some passionate conversations with Johnny, this genius netrunner is abducted by Arasaka to aid in the development of the Soulkiller program.


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The Alt that players interact with is more of a digital construct that has taken on the appearance of Johnny’s muse. This makes it hard to properly rank Alt, since she’s intriguing in both her personas, even if none of them is shown for too long.

12 V

The Main Character Who Becomes A Legend Of Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kid V

  • Notable Quest(s): All of them

How V turns out is completely up to the player. Whether one wants to be sweet, or vindictive, the end result should be the same though. V is a cool character.

It does feel a little like a cheat though since it is based on player choice but thankfully V is given a voice adding more literal character to him/her. It’s just too bad players don’t get to see them that much since it is first-person only.

11 Rogue Amendiares

One Of The Best Fixers In Night City


  • Notable Quest(s): For Whom the Bell Tolls, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Chippin’ In, A Cool Metal Fire, Blistering Love

Former lover of Johnny Silverhand, Rogue is the top fixer in Night City, residing in the Afterlife. To even get an audience with her, V needs to actually impress Rogue by earning enough eddies. Rogue has a tough personality, which is no surprise given she was there to witness the botched heist on Arasaka Tower that killed Johnny Silverhand.

Still, she provides V with some of the toughest gigs in the game and even connects them with Panam. Moreover, Rogue can play a significant part in one of the endings of the game, though players should get ready to shed some tears.

10 Panam Palmer

A Member Of The Aldecaldos Who Can Form An Intimate Bond With V

Cyberpunk 2077 Aldecaldos and Panam Palmer

  • Notable Quest(s): Riders on the Storm, With a Little Help from My Friends, Queen of the Highway

Panam does not take orders from anyone. She starts off her relationship with V in a hostile manner but eventually, she’ll start to trust him/her. Her firecracker personality and natural charisma are difficult to resist, even when she’s angry.

Getting through all of her side quests helps unlock the best ending in the game or at least the happiest, all things considered. She is worth sticking close to and might even be important for the sequel.

9 Goro Takemura

Decides To Help V After Being Betrayed By Yorinobu Arasaka

Cyberpunk 2077 Goro Takemura Meeting V On The Sidewalk

  • Notable Quest(s): The Heist, Playing for Time, Down on the Street, Life During Wartime, Gimme Danger, Play It Safe, Search and Destroy

Goro is another character that starts off aggressively disliking V. He thinks V offed his master but eventually they start seeing eye to eye. His corporate background makes him seem a bit cold and calculative, but he’s one of the major forces that helps V during the main quest.


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What’s great about Takemura is his old-school samurai-like code of honor. Johnny Silverhand may have been in a band called Samurai but there is only one true samurai in this game, aka Takemura.

8 Judy Alvarez

A Braindance Expert Who Tries To Save And Support Evelyn

cyberpunk 2077 judy alvarez

  • Notable Quest(s): Both Sides, Now, Ex-Factor, Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution, Pisces, Pyramid Song

Judy has one of the most tragic arcs in this game outside of V. She has a good thing going with Evelyn until the heist goes wrong. Her best friend disappears, is found, then dies, and she can’t even get proper revenge on the place that killed her.

She can at least find solace in V and opens up as a character even more if she is chosen as a romantic partner. Pyramid Song is one of the coolest missions in the game, but also a haunting one, which involves Judy.

7 Viktor Vektor

A Ripperdoc Who’s Close Friends With V

Cyberpunk 2077 Viktor Vector Talking To V On Operating Chair

  • Notable Quest(s): The Ripperdoc, Playing for Time, Nocturne Op55N1, Where is My Mind?

First of all, let’s all agree that Viktor Vektor is the coolest cyberpunk-like name in this entire game. He’s also a genuine sweetheart.

It’s easy to believe that he cares for V throughout the entirety of the game with some of the best acting in it as well. He’s a doctor with a code of ethics that wants to help but can’t which is the hardest thing one has to accept in the profession.

6 Hanako Arasaka

A Fascinating Character With Complex Motivations Of Her Own

hanako sitting

  • Notable Quest(s): Play It Safe, Search and Destroy, Nocturne Op55N1, Last Caress, Totalimmortal

As far as “villains” go, Hanako is an ambiguous character. She’s not a villain, technically, but she holds the major cards of power in her hands at the end of the game. Players can choose to trust her and accept her help against Johnny Silverhand’s advice or prepare for another Arasaka heist.

Hanako’s true colors are mainly revealed in the Arasaka ending, where Goro Takemura is also present. She’s a cunning person, but not without some form of dignity that makes her eventually hear out what Takemura and V have to say for themselves about Yorinobu.

5 Adam Smasher

An Augmented Beast Who Strikes Fear In Anyone’s Hearts

Adam Smasher

  • Notable Quest(s): The Information, Totalimmortal

There’s no denying that Adam Smasher has one of the most imposing presences of any character in Cyberpunk 2077. Watching this mechanical monstrosity lumber around is quite intimidating, with his meager appearances doing enough to convey how much of a massive threat he is.


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The only thing that takes something away from Adam Smasher’s allure is the lack of challenge he poses in the final battle. Barring an explosive missile attack that can reduce V’s HP to nothing, there’s not a lot that threatens the player during the game’s last boss fight, which is a bit of a shame.

4 Solomon Reed

An FIA Agent Who Enlists V’s Help In Phantom Liberty

A screenshot of Idris Elba as Solomon Reed against a red light in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

  • Notable Quest(s): Lucretia My Reflection, The Damned, Get It Together, You Know My Name

Idris Elbas’ Solomon Reed is another compelling figure and the second main character of the Phantom Liberty expansion. The stoic FIA agent pairs up with V to figure out a way to help save So Mi from Kurt Hansen’s clutches, but as always (and as Johnny warns V), things are not as simple as that.

Like Songbird, Reed has his own agendas and beliefs that V may not agree with. That being said, he has suffered his own hardships, and he quickly becomes an endearing partner who’s difficult to turn against when the time to pick sides arrives. Plus, Idris Elbas’ natural charisma shines through him with such force that it’s tough not to be intrigued by him.

3 Johnny Silverhand

A Rockerboy Who Slowly But Surely Warms Up To V

cyberpunk 2077 no future johnny silverhand feature

  • Notable Quest(s): Almost all of them

Johnny is a real gonk, but he is also hard not to love. Does he come across as an uncaring show-off maniac in the past? Yes, and he even has bad traits that carry over into his construct form. However, the fun twist about this game is that V is supposed to become more like him but in turn, it’s also possible for the opposite. Johnny learns that there is no I in a team. Plus it’s Keanu and who doesn’t like him?

2 Jackie Welles

V’s Closest Friend Whose Death Marks A Turning Point For The Game

Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077 showing Jackie Welles eating noodles with chopsticks.

  • Notable Quest(s): Practice Makes Perfect, The Rescue, The Ripperdoc, The Ride, The Pickup, The Heist

Jackie’s death is a real punch to the gut even though his demise was showcased in a trailer of all things, and therefore technically spoiled ahead of time. It’s easy to forget that sort of thing though so by and large it was still a surprise for most.

That’s the thing games/”>about this game and Night City though. Jackie was too cool and heartfelt as a character to survive in a world like this. Hopefully, he’s in a better place now free of the grime. Even years after the initial release, Jackie’s death still feels like a punch to the gut.

1 Song So Mi AKA Songbird

A Netrunner Who Becomes One Of Phantom Liberty’s Best Characters

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Songbird

  • Notable Quest(s): Dog Eat Dog, Hole in the Sky, Spider and the Fly, Firestarter

Songbird or So Mi is essentially the main character of Phantom Liberty, the one around which the whole story revolves. She’s a netrunner with an incredibly difficult background, and a similarly high drive to escape her current conundrum as V.

Not only does Songbird elicit a strong emotional response with how much players end up empathizing with her, even if she does technically use V to achieve her own goals, but she’s also an immensely powerful netrunner. She’s able to tap into V’s relic at the beginning of the DLC to offer them special abilities and is the first character in the whole game who actually sees Johnny Silverhand (if Rogue and Kerry experiencing Johnny through V isn’t counted). Later on, she’s even seen “harnessing” the Blackwall, depending on which ending players earn—and it’s both cool and terrifying.

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December 10, 2020

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