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The 7 Best Manhwa Set In Europe


  • Manhwa set in Europe offer a unique backdrop with rich cultures and captivating narratives beyond Korea.
  • From historic Rome to rural France, these manhwa stories delve into gothic mysteries and eerie tales.
  • Amidst supernatural occurrences, romantic escapades, and dark themes, European settings add depth to these manhwa.

As a comic format originating from South Korea, it’s only natural for most manhwa to be set within their country of origin. While Korea serves as an intriguing backdrop for many narratives, several manhwaga deviate from this convention by creating compelling storylines set within the vast lands of Europe. With its rich, ancient history and scenic landscapes, the European continent doubles as the perfect canvas for a profound narrative.


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Despite often being lumped together as a single territory, the continent of Europe comprises over fifty sovereign nations, each brimming with novel cultures and traditions. From the cobblestone streets of London to the modern walkways of Prague, manhwa set on this vibrant continent present a picturesque setting that can rarely be rivaled.

7 Solo For Two

Set In The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Modern-Day Austria)

Solo for Two Manhwa

Release Date

Jun 21, 2023

No. Of Chapters





NHN Studio

Despite being an account of a ballet dancer’s rekindling love, Solo for Two delves into all manner of mature themes, ranging from war and trauma to unrequited feelings. Set in Austria-Hungary during the year 1911, the manhwa slowly gears the narrative towards the outbreak of World War 1, an event that shapes much of the affair between the two lovers.

However, Solo for Two’s nuance doesn’t stem from its political intrigue, nor from its historical accuracy. Rather, it’s the burgeoning romance between two gay men that sets the stage for an amorous epic.

6 The Long Way Of The Warrior

Set In Ancient Rome

The Long Way of the Warrior Manhwa

Release Date

Jun 3, 2020

No. Of Chapters



Ming Bae


Naver Webtoon

Manhwa based in Europe are already rare, let alone a historical account that intermixes two ancient kingdoms for a dramatic tale. The Long Way of the Warrior does just this, albeit with a touch of fantasy. Set in the Roman Empire in the second century, this manhwa utilizes the brutal landscape of a fallen empire to present the tale of a Goguryeo (modern-day Korea) warrior who is sold to the Romans as a gladiator slave.

Historical manhwa pertaining to Korea itself are commonplace, yet an account that presents the dynamic between two ancient kingdoms is certainly a first. Aside from the accurate world-building, The Long Way of the Warrior has a heavy focus on gladiator matches, meaning Action runs deep in the storyline as well.

5 Maid In Heaven

Set In Rural England

Maid in Heaven Manhwa

Release Date

Oct 28, 2020

No. Of Chapters






Right off the bat, Maid in Heaven acquaints readers with the supernatural mysteries that are set to ensue within the horror-filled Taylor Mansion. The English setting further gives this horror-laden manor a somewhat Victorian appeal, furthering the eerie plot of the manhwa.


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Despite being marketed as a Girls Love manhwa, Maid in Heaven rarely delves into any GL subtexts, with horror and suspense being the primary themes. With a string of murders and supernatural occurrences taking center stage, there’s little room for romance of any sort to creep in.

4 The Pale Horse

Set In Rural France

The Pale Horse Manhwa

Release Date

Sep 15, 2011

No. Of Chapters



Chu Hye-Yeon


Daum Webtoon

While European cities are known for inspiring poetic affairs and romantic accounts, their rural counterparts often serve as hotbeds of grim tales and gothic mysteries. The Pale Horse presents a similar premise, with a string of mysteries taking over a small town somewhere in rural France.

Demonic entities, witch trials, and murders grip the village, turning the entire narrative into a macabre mess. The primary characters are also riddled with trauma and despair-filled backstories, yet the manhwa doubles down with even more chaos. With suffering at its core, an air of gloom grips the narrative, engulfing readers in the same depressing atmosphere.

3 Jack The Ripper: Hell Blade

Set In Victorian London

Jack The Ripper: Hell Blade Manhwa

Release Date

Jul 3, 2012

No. Of Chapters



Jetae Yoo


Young Champ

Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade is a manhwa rendition of the notorious serial killer who mutilated women throughout London in 1888. However, this retelling of the horrid tale expands on the supernatural side of things, throwing in vampires, the Holy Sea, and all sorts of gothic entities.

With Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson on the case, coupled with a number of supporting characters, Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade takes on its own unique identity with its many eccentricities. Overall, this manhwa does its Victorian-era setting justice through its dark and eerie art style.

2 Bona Sort

Set In Menorca, Spain

Bona Sort Manhwa

Release Date


No. Of Chapters






Bona Sort utilizes the charm of Spain to create a heartwarming account of two male lovers who slowly rediscover their sentiments and sexuality. As a mafia love story, this manhwa doesn’t exactly offer anything unique, though its novelty lies in its scenic European backdrop, coupled with a roster of characters that immediately capture the readers’ attention.


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While the premise of Bona Sort might point towards a gentle, innocent affair between two men, the manhwa still delves into some raunchy themes. With layered characters and stunning art, Bona Sort not only highlights the beauty of Spain but also underscores the allure of same-sex storylines.

1 100 Days In Europe

Set Across Various European Countries (Spain, Czechia, Italy, France)

100 Days in Europe Manhwa

Release Date

Jun 3, 2013

No. Of Chapters



Jihyo Kim


Lezhin Comics Webtoon

Romantic storylines are commonplace within the manhwa landscape, yet only a few come close to the romantic escapades of 100 Days in Europe. With multiple fated encounters between the two love interests across the continent, the manhwa plays with the notion of an enthralling love affair in European cities known for their romantic charm.

Despite being a slowburn story, the budding affection between Gia and Hayden set against the backdrop of Prague, Venice, and Barcelona, turns the narrative into nothing less than an escapist fantasy. With descriptive scenes, cultural exploration, and character growth, 100 Days in Europe checks all the boxes for an almost poetic tale.


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