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Button Shy games, in collaboration with Skybound Tabletop, has unveiled an exciting new addition to the universe of “The Walking Dead” with the launch of The Walking Dead: Surrounded. This innovative 18-card game compresses the intense experience of survival in a zombie-infested world into a compact, portable format.

The Walking Dead: Surrounded draws inspiration from the iconic comic series by Robert Kirkman, bringing to life the harsh realities of a post-apocalyptic world. Designed for 1-4 players, this cooperative game challenges participants to manage Walkers, balance leadership dynamics, and utilize scarce resources to fulfill survival objectives.

Each game turn reveals a new card that expands the playing area. One side of the card introduces a new location with unique rules and bonuses, while the opposite side presents four Occupants — Survivors, Leaders, and menacing Walkers. Players must strategically place these cards to optimize resources, manage threats, and strive towards achieving their survival goals.

Garima Sharma, VP of Licensing & Partnerships at Skybound, expressed enthusiasm about the new game, stating, “As the home of The Walking Dead, Skybound is dedicated to exploring innovative ways to expand this beloved universe. ‘The Walking Dead: Surrounded’ packs an immersive experience into a small package, offering fans a fresh way to engage with their favorite series.”

Additionally, Button Shy games is set to release a 6-card expansion titled The Walking Dead: Surrounded This expansion introduces new mercenary Occupants, locations, scenarios, and scoring conditions, providing even more depth and variety to the gameplay.

Fans of The Walking Dead and tabletop games alike are invited to dive into this thrilling survival experience, where strategy and cooperation are key to outlasting the undead.

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