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Three Lost Facts About The Imola Grand Prix – Grixme

If you use all the praise, it won’t be enough to describe the Imola Grand Prix. If Formula 1 were a sauce, the Emilia-Romagna race would be its secret origin ingredient because the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari definitely possesses Racing magic. As the event places in the schedule, let’s delve into three facts that a few people remember about the Imola Grand Prix.

Fact 1. Imola Track Sets In The Top Of The Fastest Formula 1 Circuits

No, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari isn’t among the places where the Formula 1 speed records are to be set, although the track’s layout includes a few long straights. 

So, if you look at Imola’s mockup, you find a blend of slow and fast corners and even elevation changes, but its curves are smooth. There are no braking test zones like at the Shanghai circuit.  

Formula 1 Racing at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is a different challenge. Drivers cover the distance at an average speed of 240 km/h, which is faster than many other tracks and can be compared to Turkey’s Istanbul Park or Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah circuit. 

Therefore, in addition to the demands on the cars, tire management plays a crucial role at the Imola Grand Prix. 

Fact 2. Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Is F1 Drivers’ Most Favorite  

The feeling of literally flying around the track gives F1 drivers a distinguished experience, or as they say, ‘old school feels’, that they cannot compare at any other track. 

Racers like fast tracks for that feeling. That is why Silverstone, Monza, and Suzuka are the most popular, with Imola rounding out the top.

Pick any driver on the grid to ask which is your favorite track, and almost each one points Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Furthermore, the track is short – 4.90 km, while all their 19 turns are evidence of Racing skills – to cope with the car at high speed but to save the tires over the 60 laps. 

Imola track layout features
Emilia Romagna Grand Prix-2020” by Kilawyn Punx is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Fact 3. The Imola Grand Prix Wouldn’t Been If Not For The Restrictions

Remarkable, but the Imola race, or better to call the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, got its second breath in 2020 after 14 years of absence. It happens on occasion. Because of the pandemic, many Formula 1 races have been canceled or postponed. 

So, when it came to the 2020 Mexico Grand Prix, the event was declined. However, switching to another venue before the Turkish round required additional logistics expenses. 

Therefore, Imola came as one of the most logical options for the FIA Formula 1. Despite the race being held behind closed doors, the event met the best expectations, wondering even old fans with Racing thrills and excitement.  

So, even though, in the beginning, there were no plans for the Imola Grand Prix in 2021, the postponement of the race in China brought Emiligia-Romagna back to fortify its status as one of Formula 1 best races. 

The only 2023 season became an exception, as the Emilia Romagna round was canceled due to the floods in the region. However, Imola Grand Prix 2024 is ready to bring the order back. 

A Little Conclusion

Imola is famous for its epic battles at its Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari track. The circuit stores the memory of the greatest moments with Michael Schumacher. 

Entered to the Formula 1 back by an occasion, race in Emilia-Romagna worthy sets its place at the top. The layout of the track always promises Racing confronts. Drivers love the destination for its fascinating speeds, while the fans appreciate the thrills of the event.

However, the real power and colors of the track become evident when the lights turn green, so the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix starts. 

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