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V Rising: How To Make The Dawnthorn Armor Set

The Dawnthorn set marks the second to the last tier of armor sets in V Rising. It is the base version of some of the best gear players can make before they take on the rest of Dracula’s forces in the Ruins of Mortium, and to beat those guys, every bit of bonus stats will help a ton.

If you’re itching to get the Dawnthorn set, you’ll be disappointed to know that it’s going to take a lot of effort just to craft one set. However, the stats are well worth it. Here’s a guide covering all the V Rising bosses you need to beat and the materials you need to make to craft this armor set.


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This list ranks each of the 6 magic types in V Rising, determining the best overall for conquering Vardoran.

How To Craft The Dawnthorn Armor Set in V Rising

Dawnthorn set compared to the Maleficer set in V Rising

The full Dawnthorn Armor set requires two types of material: Silk and Pristine Leather. This might not seem like much, but it’ll actually involve a lot more work than most players would think. Start this long crafting journey by getting the recipe from Angram the Purifier in Gloomrot South.

To get Pristine Leather, players must first beat Ben the Old Wanderer, one of the bosses in the Cursed Forest. If you’re using a PvE-optimized V Rising build, he shouldn’t be too hard to beat. After defeating this boss, you’ll then need to combine Pristine Hide and Mutant Grease in a Tannery.

Ben the Old Wanderer in V Rising

To unlock the recipe for Silk, you’ll need to beat Ungora the Spider Queen, another Cursed Forest boss. Then, you have to hunt Spiderlings in order to get the Silkworms needed to make Silk. These critters can be found near Ungora’s boss arena. They can also be spawned at a Vermin Nest in your base by using Mutant Grease and Fish Bones.

In total, you’ll need 48 Pristine Leather and 32 Silk to craft all four pieces of the Dawnthorn armor set. However, these values may change depending on server settings and whether your Tailoring Bench is in a confined castle room with matching Tailor Floor tiles.

Dawnthorn Armor Upgrades

The Maleficer armor set in V Rising

After you get your Dawnthorn set, you’ll then be able to craft upgraded versions of it, assuming you have the recipes unlocked. Like others in the tiers that came before, the following sets can be unlocked by finding and researching recipe books:

V Rising Level 8 Armor Sets

Armor Set


Set Bonuses


  • +694 Max Health
  • +16% Physical Critical Strike Chance
  • +6.0% Movement Speed
  • (2) Increases Primary Attack Leech by 7%.
  • (3) Increases Physical Critical Strike Power by 25%.
  • (4) Increase Gear Level by 1.

Grim Knight

  • +694 Max Health
  • +16% Weapon Attack Speed
  • +8% Weapon Skill Leech
  • (2) Increase Max Health by 100.
  • (3) Increase Physical and Spell Power by 1.2.
  • (4) Increase Gear Level by 1.

Dread Plate

  • +694 Max Health
  • +9.6 Physical Power
  • +4% Damage Reduction
  • (2) Increase Healing Received by 15%, and Shields applied on you absorb 10% additional damage.
  • (3) Increase Weapon Cooldown Recovery Rate by 8%.
  • (4) Increase Gear Level by 1.

Maleficer Scholar

  • +694 Max Health
  • +4.8 Spell Power
  • +12% Spell Critical Strike Chance
  • (2) Increase Spell Cooldown Recovery Rate by 8%
  • (3) Increase Spell Leech by 6%
  • (4) Increase Gear Level by 1.

To make any of these armor pieces, you’ll need to get Primal Blood Essence in Ghost Yarn in V Rising. Each piece will consume an existing Dawnthorn armor piece, directly upgrading it into a variant that’s more specialized for other physical DPS, brawling, tanking, or spellcasting.

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