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Valheim’s F2P Ashlands biome patch has finally launched after a year and a half wait

Iron Gate has been talking about Valheim’s Ashlands update since December. No, not last December. The December before that – 2022 December, when Mistlands launched. This is not a joke. It’s been a long freakin’ time for this big patch for a survivalbox still in early access after more than three years, that’s what we’re saying, but today, it’s finally here as a free update to the existing game.

“Those strong enough to claim what is theirs by right of might can now lay siege to Ashlands and its dreadful master,” the studio declares. “After conquering the veiled Mistlands and learning how to wield magic, Vikings will now have to fight tooth and nail to establish a foothold in the Ashlands. Treacherous cliffs and slithering dangers await in the boiling waters that only the sturdiest ships can navigate, and even arrival to the new biome will prove to be a challenge. The Ashlands biome doesn’t relent, and redefines what difficulty means in Valheim. While a large portion of the enemy forces consists of the reanimated dead known as Charred, far more lethal foes await as well. Unlike her living sisters, the Fallen Valkyrie roams the skies of Ashlands twisted by fury, and the monstrous Morgen prowls the scorched earth in search of prey to sate its eternal hunger.”

The patch notes promise new weapons, armor, critters, buildables, crafting mats, food, potions, bombs, ammo, crafting station upgrades, music, events, locations, and critically, two new capes. Notably, the new mechanics revolve around fire; cinders fall from the sky, spreading flames to wooden structures. Oh yeah, and watch out for the new siege machinery, boiling waterways, and murderous lava.

The epic new animated release trailer is below, along with the older gameplay trailer that gives a better look at what the biome actually looks like – and like the rest of the game, what it looks like is gorgeous, assuming charr and flame are your vibe.


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