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Watch an Exclusive Clip from RUN! – Daily Dead


Now available On Demand and Digital from Red Hound Entertainment, we have a look at an exclusive clip from RUN!.

“In a desert chase, a husband races for clues to find his captive wife, pursued by a masked madman, a lethal shooter, and a menacing truck driver. Amidst the chaos, a drone, controlled by the orchestrator of this deadly game, watches their every move.”

  • Distributor: Red Hound Entertainment
  • Production Companies: Limepit Productions, Be Free Films
  • Directed by: Bill Brennenstuhl, Paul Stenerson
  • Written by: Bill Brennenstuhl, Paul Stenerson
  • Produced by: Bill Brennenstuhl, Paul Stenerson, Dalen Muster, Ashlee Buchanan,
    Rhiana Mitchell, Tamm Chambless
  • Cast: Jeremy Miller, Les Feltmate, Benjamin Watt, Kevin Muster, Alena Von Stroheim, Kari Michelle, Vjosa Halili, Jackie Green, Taylor Alexa, Dan Gregory, Elektra Cohen, Jordan Hofbauer

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