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Michael grew up in the digital age, he loves his smartphone and will always go for digital over real-life social encounters. However, there is one weekly event he never misses, the Horror movie night with his friends. His Friday ritual after a long week of work is to watch the latest Horror flick with his pals, then go home, play some online casino games, and prepare for bed. 

On one of those film nights, one of Michael’s friends brought an old dusty VHS tape to watch. This was found in an attic of a deceased family member’s house in Vancouver. As his friend Jackson walked in with the tape, they all were thrilled. The host spent about 30 mins looking for his old VHS player, but when they found the player, Michael immediately grabbed the tape, slotted it in, and they began to watch it. Right after the film started, there was a great silence in the room. Everyone was seated tightly in their chair and gave the film their full attention. The film was about a demon that possessed its victims by presenting itself as a friend calling herself Lila.

Halfway through, the film became more and more sinister as Lila would establish a bond with her victims before she made her move. It almost seemed as though Lila cared about them before she destroyed their lives. Once fooled, she was able to possess them. You could see it in her dreadful eyes, long teeth, long nails, and shrunk face. The style in which the film was shot also made the group uneasy, it was mostly presented in the point of view of the victims, and even of the demon, making it unnervingly realistic. They felt breathless and helpless when the film ended with Lila playing hopscotch with a group of friends she met in a park.

After everyone had finished watching the film, Michael along with everyone else was feeling physically exhausted from the film and needed a change of air. He didn’t like what he had seen and wanted to forget it. They decided to watch a comedy film to let a few more hours pass. After a short while, Michael was feeling great again and had almost forgotten about the film. The comedy film ended, the group went to get some fast food and went their separate ways.

Later that night, Michael decided to de-stress and relax by playing some online slots before bed. He found that this was a great way to unwind and have fun. It was late and he decided to get ready to shut off and prepare for bed, but right before he shut off, he got a message from a girl called Lila. She invited them to check out the new online slots Canada. Michael was tired, and without realizing who the message was sent from, he opened the link out of instinct, not knowing what was going to happen next…

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