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What happens when we try to calculate a mad man’s thoughts – Creepypasta


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It was a miracle. Dr. Randleman had done it. He made thoughts visible…His achievement, AA numerical calculation of images and emotions.

Dr. Randleman was a genius known throughout academia as a prodigy among Prodigies. Attending Harvard at fifteen, he graduated five years later with a masters in both cognitive psychology and computer engineering. This put him on a path to greatness. He was very outspoken and promised results. He boasted to the tabloids once, “Someday soon I’ll make something unimaginable.” One, two, three years passed and… nothing came about. Everyone eventually moved on to other breakthrough promising scientists, one being Dr. Ingram in Germany. He discovered a new way of processing light into energy by compressing the photons to such a point that the light would become solid. The amount of energy in one of the coin sized glowing light battery could power a computer indefinitely. His most recent invention, Model 2197 was now being implemented in voluntary companies. The Star Crusher, the name the public dubbed Ingram’s Invention gained notoriety quickly.

Six years after Nathen Randleman’s pledge to revolutionize the world, he came forth again and said he had finished. It was done. He had made a way to quantify a person’s thoughts. The world was rocked by this announcement. In no time everyone wanted an interview with the Genius. Demonstrations were held in Sweden where Randleman and his team took a random volunteer from the local university. She was clearly nervous as Randleman himself placed the helmet which he said was his prized possession. It was his Nastic Infinium. Thick cords protruded all over the black and chrome helmet. They lead off into a machine containing a monitor.

Leaving the young woman, he went to activate the device. The crowd gasped in shock. A florescent purple light traveled through the cords and to the computer behind her. On the monitor was shown five words. Joy, love, sadness, anger, and fear were displayed in a column to the left. A Professor at the college began asking the young woman questions about her home life. Suddenly a stream of equations sprung from the love row. At the bottom of the screen were the final measurements. Next to them displayed big for everyone to see was a perfect portrait of her mother. The woman confirmed it with her shout of amazement. It was a black and white picture but it was her. She was even smiling. The room broke out in applause. The world showered him in praise afterwards.

There were nonstop interviews, and businesses pitching their ideas for making a profit. Nathen did his best to sift through the good and the bad. He felt he spent his time well. He performed live demonstrations on his social media.

Of course he did the natural thing and capitalized on many deals resulting in millions. It mostly came through smart investing, good marketing, and of course signing a multi-million dollar contract with the government didn’t hurt. Who knows what they were up to with this technology? Nathen didn’t want to think about those kinds of things. He felt more than justified in his decisions.

He sent many Nastic Infinium to research labs and mental facilities. In fact today on Nathen’s channel he was going to use the Nastic Infinium on a particularly disturbed man. His name was Jake Tibias. He was convicted murder, sentenced to life for the murder of fifteen people including children.

Apparently he raved on about the voices. The voices had told him to skin that woman alive. They also forced him to nail that child to his bathroom ceiling. He was obviously labeled a schizophrenic, despite his vehement denial of this. Today the world will find out the truth. Sure enough the man was whispering under his breath.

Nathen and his insanely attractive German assistant were in the process of finishing up the preparations. They were setting up the equipment in one of the old cells in the basement of the maximum security mental facility. Turning to see the man walking in Nathen froze. Tibias looked like death. His cheeks were gaunt and his skin was a pale sickly white. His hair was messy but, his eyes…his eyes were steady and comprehending. Immediately Nathen was unnerved by Tibias.

Walking away Nathen instructed the crew to get ready to go live. For a few moments everyone flew around the room in a whirlwind. As the guards strapped the man down into the chair, Nathen tried not to make eye contact. The man’s cold, blank, black eyes bore into Nathen’s. Tearing away his gaze from the strange man, Nathen turned to address the camera.

He had long gotten used to being live. He’d learned to be a little charming over the years. The camera man silently counted down from five and as his last finger remained the light on the camera came on and Nathen started.

“Well guys you’ve asked for it”. He moved elegantly, revealing Jake Tibias. He imagined the streams of comments that must have just occurred. Grinning to himself he went on. “You all wanted to see what the Nastic Infinium would find in the mind of a mad man. A guy who’s taken fifteen lives and has no remorse.”
Heading off to the controls, Nathen turned on the machine. The camera panned towards the screen. One by one the five emotions it could detect appeared. The stream could still hear Nathen’s voice. “Without further ado ladies and gentlemen.”

The facility’s psychologist began. She was most familiar with Jake, due to the frequent visits. She highly advised Nathen against having Jake on, however a large sum of cash kept her from going on about her warning. Nathen couldn’t not have Tibias on. The fans had been asking for this for close to two years now. It’ll be fine he told himself. Everything was going well. The questions were about a few of his victims. The joy section flooded with numbers. Soon an image of a bloodied and broken body laid in a crumpled mess. It was a woman. Her bones were bent and twisted so unnaturally, you couldn’t tell one end from the other.

Next the Psychologist brought up one of the children he attacked. Joseph Carter. Do you remember him? Quickly the anger icon grew bright and the numbers came pouring. The sight of this kid being tortured flashed on screen. In a few seconds the image faded.

Nathen had predicted all these things. So why was he still uneasy? He couldn’t explain it but, he had a feeling about this guy. Maybe he was just buying into the hype. Looking back over at the man recalling memories, Nathen decided to reserve judgment until the end. Besides, he thought to himself, the part every one’s been waiting for was fast approaching.

After a few more deliberate questions, she had finally arrived at the voices. She was visibly nervous. Licking her lips several times and stroking nonexistent hair out of her face. She cleared her throat and licked her lips once again before asking. Who are the voices you hear? Nothing happened immediately. The silence grew as everyone’s imagination went wild trying to anticipate what was next.
Slowly the anger icon shown dim, then joy glowed softly. Then sadness, then fear. Nathen knew he should switch off the machine. He knew this wouldn’t end well but, he just stood in surprise at was happening. Crimson numbers appeared randomly all over the screen.

The display filled up with red numbers. In no time the screen was all red. The image flicked to a landscape. It was grey and desolate. The sky was black and a couple of mountains stood off in the distance. What was most frightening was the thing smiling back.

The creature was jet black and had skin that resembled leather. Metal spikes protruded out of every part of its body. Its eyes gave off the most evil, cold feeling. The room seemed to fill with its presence.
Reaching out with a bloody finger he tapped the glass of the screen from the other side. One of the assistants proclaimed obviously, “that shouldn’t be possible!”

At the words the creature’s black eyes shined, tapped the screen again, scanning the room to find whatever it was looking for. It smiled at one assistant standing off in a corner. The look on her face was one of utter fright. The monster grinned, revealing three rows of jagged, bloody, yellow teeth. The being made a cut throat motion while looking at the young woman.

A second or two passed without anything happening. Suddenly the woman fell. Once on the ground a huge spray of blood shot from her mouth. The people nearest to her bent down to check her vitals. Someone had called a medic. She was already gone. It didn’t take an expert to see her eyes were lifeless.
The room froze as the creature looked around for its next victim. It’s gaze landing on Nathen. Its grin was larger than before. If this thing had ears, the corners of its mouth would be touching both. It gestured this time towards its chest. Almost instantly Nathen felt his insides shifting. Pain abruptly shot through him. He ran towards Tibias. Grabbing the cords of the Nastic Infinium he pulled it off and flung it to the other side of the room.
Something was wrong the pain was still destroying Nathen’s insides. He fell to his knees in agony. Eyes watering Nathen looked up at the still working monitor. The dark, grotesque visage smirked back at him. He could see the thing mouthing the words see you soon.

Credit : 1Kingbeats


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