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World of Warcraft: 10 Best Transmog Sets For Druids


  • Druids in
    have a rich background, shaping Azeroth’s lore, with various armor sets reflecting their nature-based powers and lore.
  • Transmogs like Living Wood Battlegear and Garb of the Astral Warden provide unique visuals, fitting different druid fantasies and aesthetics.
  • Night elf culture and Elune worship influence sets like Valorous Nightsong Battlegear, demonstrating the connection between druids and their lore.

Druids have always been a major focus of Warcraft, from characters of the class in the original games, such as Malfurion, to them being playable on player characters in World of Warcraft. A lot of Azeroth has also been shaped by night elves and druids, with the class still being present in the story due to certain characters and their association with life.



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Druid characters aren’t limited to just literature and popular folklore. These examples in video games prove memorable as well.

As an original class of World of Warcraft, there are numerous armor sets for druids. The transmog system was introduced in Cataclysm, allowing for druids to pick specific armor to wear out of the array they have available. Many of the sets follow the standard class fantasy of druids, but there are some transmogs that allow for more unique imaginations as well.

10 Living Wood Battlegear

A Transmog Fitting The Creepy-Crawly Side Of Nature

WoW tauren wearing the living wood battlegear transmog

  • Can drop from various bosses in Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul.
  • Can be created from Iron Vanquisher tokens.

Given druids are all about nature and utilizing the powers of it, a set made out of wood makes complete sense. The Mythic version even has insect wings on the back that will buzz about occasionally.

Across the difficulties, there are different colors that can represent various fantasies about druids. The Heroic set is a deep purple that could fit in with a twilight druid, while Normal has autumn colors, adhering to a traditional druid setting.

9 Tyrannical Gladiator’s Dragonhide Armor

A War-Themed Set That Changes Appearance Based On The Faction

WoW tauren wearing the Tyrannical Gladiator's Dragonhide Armor transmog

  • Can be purchased for Marks of Honor from PvP

Druids are usually one of the most peaceful classes players can pick in WoW. However, they, as is the case with nature, have a ferocious side. They may not deal the highest damage gameplay-wise, but some of the most important characters in the lore were druids.

The Tyrannical Gladiator’s Dragonhide Armor set plays into this, with a different appearance depending on the faction the player is. The Horde version is a lot more primal, with bones and wood, fitting members of the faction. The Alliance version has colors fitting the factions and resembles more heavy plate armor, something the Alliance is usually seen wearing.

8 Vestments Of The Haunted Forest

A Spooky Transmog Fitting With Certain Druidic Lore

WoW tauren wearing the Vestments of the Haunted Forest transmog

  • Can be purchased from Ao Pye and Teng of the Flying Daggers in exchange for Crackling Vanquisher tokens.

A large notion in Warcraft, seen time and time again, is corruption. Druids, in particular, have notable examples of corruption in their lore, such as Fandral Staghelm or when Cenarius was tainted by the Emerald Nightmare.

The Vestments of the Haunted Forest plays into this, but also relates to Thros, being a similar aesthetic of foresty hauntings. Drustvar was also one of the more appreciated zones in Battle for Azeroth, so those who enjoyed it can use this set.

7 Stormrider’s Vestments

An Eye-Catching Lightning SetWoW tauren wearing the Stormrider's Vestments transmog

  • Some pieces of the Normal set can drop from Argaloth in Baradin Hold.
  • The Normal set is sold by Toren Landow for Alliance and Rugok for Horde.
  • The Heroic set is sold by Toren Landow for Alliance or Rugok for Horde in exchange for Forlorn Vanquisher tokens and the equivalent piece from the Normal mode set.

Druids and shamans share a similar role, in which they both commune with nature and use the powers of it, just different parts of it. Shamans have always been more associated with lightning, but the Stormrider’s Vestments allow for druids to wear a stormy transmog.

The Normal set is a typical blue color associated with lightning. The Heroic set is a brown color, but still with the special effects of the lightning present.

6 Vestments Of The Shattered Vale

A Set With Its Various Colors Thematically Fitting Druids

WoW tauren wearing the Vestments of the Shattered Vale transmog

  • The Raid Finder set can be bought from Welbiz Cheerwhistle or Blizzix Sparkshiv for Cursed Vanquisher tokens.
  • The Normal and Heroic sets can be bought from Ki’agnuu or Clarice Chapmann for Cursed Vanquisher tokens.
  • The Mythic set can be bought from Lorry Warmheart or Tu’aho Pathcutter for Cursed Vanquisher tokens.

Druids have always had transmogs decorated with leaves and forest items, as is natural for the class identity. The Vestments of the Shattered Vale offers different colors of the set, including the leaves.


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The Mythic version shows autumn leaves, while the Raid Finder variant is a fel-colored tint working for a corrupted druid. The Normal and Heroic versions are a blue color that can work for any troll druids, fitting either Zandalari trolls or Darkspear trolls.

5 Valorous Nightsong Battlegear

A Fitting Set For Night Elf Druids

WoW tauren wearing the Valorous Nightsong Battlegear transmog

  • Some pieces can drop from Emalon the Storm Watcher in the Vault of Archavon.
  • Can be purchased from Valerie Langrom in exchange for Wayward Vanquisher tokens.

While druids can be played by multiple races in WoW, the class has heavy roots in night elf culture. A part of the culture is their goddess, Elune, whose child, Cenarius, taught druidism to the night elves.

As a result, some of the transmogs will represent the goddess of the night elves, and the Valorous Nightsong Battlegear does just that. Aside from there being various light motifs to represent the goddess, the headpiece is a moon crescent due to Elune’s form as the moon. The set fits any druids wishing to play as an Elune worshiper, especially for Balance Druids, since they utilize night sky aesthetics in their abilities.

4 Strands Of The Autumn Blaze

A Set Encapsulating The Traditional Idea Of What Druids Wear

WoW tauren wearing the Strands of the Autumn Blaze transmog

  • Can be purchased from Norzko the Pround in exchange for Draconic Marks of Mastery.
  • Can be purchased from Kaitalla in exchange for Void-Touched Curios.

A main part of the druid aesthetic has always been to do with forests and trees. The Strands of the Autumn Blaze transmog gifts this identity of druids perfectly.

Each of the different difficulties offers various colors, particularly on the leaves found on the set. Normal and Raid Finder are autumn colors, with orange and reddish leaves. The Mythic set is a purple color that could fit in with Suramar given its aesthetic, and the Heroic transmog is dark red, fitting for an evil druid.

3 Cenarion Raiment

A Perfect Low-Fantasy Druid Set

WoW tauren weraing the Cenarion Raiment transmog

  • Can drop from various bosses in Molten Core.
  • Some pieces can drop from various enemies in Molten Core.

The Cenarion Raiment perhaps encapsulates the druid identity perfectly in WoW. The set features muted, toned-down colors fitting with what would traditionally represent druids.

Leaves and branches complete the look of the set, making it obvious to anyone that the transmog belongs on a druid class. It even manages to still hold up despite being a set from Molten Core, which druid players will eventually get to in future phases of Season of Discovery, being something to look forward to.

2 Bearmantle Battlegear

A Transmog Set Ideal For Guardian Druids

WoW tauren wearing the Bearmantle Battlegear transmog

  • Can drop from various bosses in Antorus, The Burning Throne.
  • Some pieces can rarely drop from various bosses in Antorus, The Burning Throne.
  • Some pieces can be a rare reward from a Cache of Antoran Treasures.

Druids in WoW famously have the highest number of specs in the game, and are the most versatile class. The Bearmantle Battlegear fits in more with a Guardian Druid given they also transform into bears as part of their class.


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Each of the difficulties offers various colors, but they all resemble a bear, just shades. However, Raid Finder offers a polar bear transmog for when a regular bear just isn’t enough. Aside from Guardian Druids, it could also work on Feral Druids somewhat, given they also transform as the main part of their class, albeit into different creatures.

1 Garb Of The Astral Warden

A Perfect Set For Night Elf Druids Who Want To Play Into Their Race’s Identity

WoW tauren wearing the Garb of the Astral Warden transmog

  • Can drop from various bosses in The Nighthold and The Emerald Nightmare.

The moon and the stars have always been a main theme of druids, especially Balance Druids. As a result of many druids being night elves, it makes sense due to their worship of Elune, their moon goddess.

In Legion, Elune was closer to the story than other expansions, due to many night elf characters, zones steeped in night elf culture, and direct intervention in the death of Ysera. The Garb of the Astral Warden reflects the goddess, its aesthetic, and various moon-themed motifs.

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