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World of Warcraft Players Have an Issue With New Personal Tabard


  • Dragonflight brings back classic features like talent trees and revamped dragonriding for a nostalgic World of Warcraft experience.
  • Personal tabard customization adds flair but lacks a user-friendly interface, potentially hindering player engagement.
  • As World of Warcraft approaches its 20th Anniversary, improving tabard customization could be a fitting celebration of its history.

Dragonflight has recently added a personal tabard that World of Warcraft players can customize to their heart’s content, but its user interface leaves much to be desired. Whereas Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands were negatively received by some World of Warcraft players for their overabundance of systems and currencies, Dragonflight has instead taken a step back, and embraced the roots of what made World of Warcraft popular in the first place.

Most notably, Dragonflight has seen a return of talent trees, and has completely revamped flying through dragonriding. These evergreen features will continue to be expanded in The War Within, which will also bring new concepts such as Warbands to the table. While dragonriding in World of Warcraft has been a hit among players, Dragonflight is also recognized for its quality-of-life features that have each improved the game in their own way.


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Personal Tabard Customization Is Outdated in World of Warcraft

The latest among these happens to be personal tabards, which were added to the game in Dark Heart, the final World of Warcraft update for Dragonflight. Much like guild tabards, personal tabards can be customized by players, allowing them to add a unique flair to their look. However, as pointed out by euroguy on the World of Warcraft subreddit, the user interface for personal tabards employs the same outdated window that guild tabards use.

While guild tabard customization was designed with smaller monitors in mind, back when World of Warcraft launched in 2004, it could be argued that personal tabards shouldn’t be beholden to the same restriction. Personal tabards are a brilliant feature added to World of Warcraft, but many players are hoping that Blizzard takes another look at its user interface. Should personal tabards prove to be popular, it could be argued that the feature has the potential to be expanded with new colors, symbols, and even tabard styles.

With The War Within rumored to release in late August 2024, World of Warcraft‘s 20th Anniversary will take place shortly after the launch of the new expansion. Though a new World of Warcraft mount would certainly be appreciated by players, expanding an old feature such as tabards would arguably be the perfect way for Blizzard to celebrate two decades of history in Azeroth. That being said, personal tabards are fully functional, and allow for the same level of customization as guild tabards do. However, making its user interface easier to navigate would go a long way in getting new World of Warcraft players to engage with the feature.

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