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World of Warcraft shares new video about this week’s Mists of Pandaria Remix

re-mess up the remix

It’s pretty clear that World of Warcraft is banking hard on the idea that everyone wants to run back through Mists of Pandaria in remixed form, as evidenced by the latest video previewing the remix. But there is useful information contained therein, like how the game has completely restructured its accelerated leveling and content for the experience. Instead of having to wait for the level cap to raid Mogu’shan Vaults, players will find the raid will unlock at level 25. So now there’s no reason for you ever not to be in a raid!

Players who create characters for this event will start off with a quest on the Timeless Isle before leaning into the main experience, and it’s worth noting that you don’t actually need to own Dragonflight to experience the whole climb to 70 during this event. So whether you normally prefer WoW Classic (which we will note is currently in its Cataclysm era) or you just want to have more alts ready for the next expansion, check out the full preview in video form just below.


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